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1E (formerly 1E Tachyon Platform) 

Install the infrastructure for 1E applications

Deploy client services for 1E applications


1E Content Distribution (formerly Nomad)

Transfer content efficiently and reduce distributed server needs

1E Employee Sentiment (formerly part of Tachyon Experience)

Proactive employee engagement and qualitative DEX scoring through configurable and context-aware microsurveys

1E Endpoint Automation (formerly Guaranteed State)

Detect compliance vulnerabilities and take action in seconds

1E Endpoint Troubleshooting (formerly Tachyon Explorer)

Perform real-time diagnostics and remediation for faster and more proactive incident resolution

1E Experience Analytics (formerly part of Tachyon Experience)

Monitor, investigate, and remediate employee experience issues in real-time and at scale

1E Dashboards (formerly Tachyon Dashboards)

Gain fresh DEX insights from 1E apps

1E Labs

This is a 1E Labs application. 1E Labs highlights preview applications or features that are cutting edge in this version, giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits they offer and shape their development for future releases.

Classic applications


Define and link entitlements to your enterprise-wide software installations

Application Migration

Migrate applications during an Operating System upgrade

NightWatchman Enterprise

Patch Success

Automate patch management and reporting, to mitigate risk and vulnerabilities


The one-stop IT request store for the Work From Anywhere Enterprise

ServiceNow Automation

1E Automated Self Service for ServiceNow (formerly 1E Virtual Assistant)

Deliver a self-service experience to employees with AI-driven automated resolution for ServiceNow

1E Inventory Insights (formerly 1E Service Catalog Connect)

Integrate with the ServiceNow service catalog to provide your customers with self-service opportunities

1E Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow (formerly 1E ITSM Connect)

Take action at the first point of contact with endpoint task automation for ServiceNow

1E Core

Manage the connection between ServiceNow and Tachyon

Service Graph Connector for 1E Tachyon

Create an information system, by empowering your CMDB with real-time, up-to-date Configuration Item information

1E Tachyon CMDB Connect

Create an information system, by empowering your CMDB with real-time, up-to-date Configuration Item information