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The fastest platform to query and control all endpoints

In the digital world, your business demands a lot from IT operations. This demand is unpredictable, urgent, and above all, relentless. You need to be agile enough to move at the pace of any IT incident, security threat or compliance risk.

Tachyon transforms urgent ad-hoc issue identification and resolution time from hours to minutes. Interact live with each of your endpoints as if you were at every device, and schedule instructions to enable powerful automation.

Software asset management that immediately reduces software costs

AppClarity immediately identifies and accurately quantifies your software waste. This software asset management solution presents a rationalized inventory of installed applications, license costs and where installations are unused. By analyzing all your applications AppClarity provides you with actionable results to intelligently help you to automatically reclaim and recycle your software assets.

Business Intelligence
The global leader in PC power management

Delivering huge savings, creating efficiencies, reducing your energy consumption and your CO2 emissions are the immediate benefits that NightWatchman Enterprise can bring to your business. It ensures that every computer remains available and ready to be patched day or night without ever impacting user productivity. As the global market leader, NightWatchman Enterprise is the most comprehensive PC power management solution which has already saved in excess of $800m for our customers.

NightWatchman Enterprise
1E Product Empowerment

1E Provides a number of components that work across all the 1E products. These include: ActiveEfficiency, which provides all the data used by the 1E products, and 1E Reporting, which provides a single interface for the 1E product reports.

SLA Platform
  • Further versions are part of Tachyon 4.1 and later.
  • 3.3
Application Migration
ActiveEfficency Server
1E Catalog
  • Further versions are part of Tachyon 5.1 and later.
  • 2.0
  • 1.2.100
Client Deployment Assistant
Endpoint Agent Installer
  • Replaced by Client Deployment Assistant.
1E Client provides a unified installer for the Tachyon, Shopping, WakeUp and Nomad clients.
1E Client
Windows 10 automated deployment, management and servicing

The 1E Windows Servicing Suite is a suite of 1E products integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to provide a zero-touch migration of devices to Windows 10 and to provide ongoing management of those devices enabling self-service software deployment, Windows 10 servicing and business-as-usual OS deployment with minimum infrastructure.

Windows Servicing Suite
1E’s ServiceNow apps bring the power of 1E’s solutions to your ServiceNow organization

1E ITSM Connect allows your IT technologists resolve ServiceNow incidents quicker by using the power of Tachyon to immediately gather the details they need, and then to fix the problems. 1E Service Catalog Connect allows your end-users to upgrade their computers to the latest Windows 10 versions using the Windows Servicing Assistant of Windows Servicing Suite. 1E Core is the enabling application that works behind the scenes to support all the other 1E ServiceNow apps.

1E Service Catalog Connect
1E Core
1E ITSM Connect

Streamlined systems management

Bandwidth constraints can hamper the flow of everyday business data as well as Systems Management processes like software deployment, patching and OS upgrades. Create a Systems Management revolution in your organization with Nomad and solve these problems without extra infrastructure, hardware or Administration. Nomad allows you to treat all systems the same no matter where they are physically located.

BIOS to UEFI lets you automate firmware reconfiguration on Dell, Lenovo and HP systems to switch from BIOS-emulation to native UEFI with Secure Boot during a Windows 10 deployment. The feature is implemented as two custom steps that are integrated into the Configuration Manager OS Deployment task sequence used to deploy Windows 10. It enables the firmware and disk format changes to be made and the new Windows 10 operating system to be deployed in a single task sequence with no need to PXE boot after reconfiguring the firmware.

PXE Everywhere

The app store for the enterprise

Shopping is the app store for the enterprise that combines the on-demand user experience of consumer devices with the control, integration and automation needs of corporate IT.

Transform software deployment for your enterprise. Set your IT department free to focus on value-add projects. Set your business free to focus on opportunity.



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