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1E 24.1 (SaaS)

Limiting coverage using a Management group - tutorial

How to use Management groups to set the coverage for a question to target a specific set of devices.

In this tutorial

In this tutorial, we set the coverage for a question using a Management group. The examples assume that the Management groups have already been configured by a userwho has the group administrator role, please refer to Management Groups - tutorial for more details.

As an example, we will show how to specifically target the devices in the Executive Management group. In our example this Management group, defined according to the OU the devices belong to, contains two devices used by members of the executive team:

  • ACME-WIN1001.acme.local

  • ACME-WIN1002.acme.local

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate:

Setting Management group coverage

This tutorial starts at the point the TCNQuestioner01 user has already selected the question: How many of each operating system versions are installed?

To set the coverage for the question they need to open the Parameters rollout to locate the Coverage section and open the Management group panel.

Opening the Parameters Coverage Management group panel

To do this:

  1. Click the Edit link displayed below the question field in the Parameters section. Doing this opens the Parameters rollout on the right-hand side of the screen.

  2. Click on the Coverage heading in the rollout to expand that section and display all the alternative types of coverage that can be set.

  3. Click on the Management group heading to expand that panel and reveal a search combobox.

Searching for the Management group and setting the coverage

When the Management group field is open:

  1. Click in the edit field, a drop-down list with all the currently defined Management groups is displayed.

  2. Type the first few letters of the Management group you want to use. In our example TCNQuestioner01 types Ex to find the Executive Management group.

  3. Click on the Management group in the list of matches displayed.

  4. When the Management group has been selected click Set to add it to the question parameters.


    You can only set one Management group for a given question. If you try to set another it will replace the one already set.

In our example you can see in the question parameters that the coverage has been set to the Executive Management group and the Approximate target has changed from 12 to 2. Hovering over the information icon by the Approximate target field displays a notification that the target has been reduced.

Asking the question, viewing the results and drilling down to see the devices

We're now ready to ask the question.

  1. Click the Ask this question button.

  2. Having set the coverage, the question will only be asked of the devices contained in the selected Management group.

  3. In our example, when the responses come back a single bar is displayed indicating that the 2 devices both have the Windows 10 Pro operating system installed.

  4. When TCNQuestioner01 clicks on the Responses list icon, it displays a single entry for the Windows 10 Pro operating system.

  5. Clicking on that entry expands the devices that have that operating system installed.

  6. Here the two target devices in the Executive Management group can be seen:

    • ACME-WIN1001.acme.local

    • ACME-WIN1002.acme.local

In this tutorial we've shown how to:

  • Open the Parameters Coverage Management group panel

  • Search for a Management group and apply the coverage to the question

  • Ask the question, view the results and verify the devices the question was targeted at.