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1E 24.1 (SaaS)

Peer Backup Assistant: Locate Existing Nomad PBA Data Store

Finds saved user data, prior to restoring user state using the USMT Restore User State action.


The Peer Backup Assistant: Close Nomad PBS Data Store and (usually) OS refresh or OS install on bare-metal actions must be run first. If saving user data was run as a separate task, insert an action in the current task sequence that sets the PBAComputerName TS variable to the same value that is set in the saving task sequence. This identifies the Nomad cache in the network where the user data is saved.

This custom action is available in the 1E Nomad PBA task sequence actions .



When run, this task:

  1. Finds the PBA enabled Nomad peer on which the user state migration data has been cached.

  2. Sets these task sequence variables for subsequent steps:

    1. OSDStateStorePath: Tells USMT where to restore user state from, i.e. the location of the Nomad cache.

    2. NMDS_REMOTE: Set to the same value as OSDStateStorePath. This is not required, but it is available for backwards compatibility.

This task sequence action:

  • The first action in the restoring phase of user state migration.

Configurable parameters


Default value



Peer Backup Assistant: Locate Existing Nomad PBA Data Store.

Name for the custom task sequence action.


Action to locate cached data prior to restoring user state.

Description for the custom task sequence action.