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1E 24.1 (SaaS)

Peer Backup Assistant: Close Nomad PBA Data Store (deprecated)


This step has been replaced by Peer Backup Assistant: Finalize Nomad PBA Data Store. Existing deployments will still work, but you cannot modify them. Going forward, we recommend using its replacement.

This step closes the connection after user state is saved by USMT Capture User State. ThePeer Backup Assistant: Provision Nomad PBA Data Store and USMT Capture User State actions must have been run.



When run, this task:

  1. Sends a completion message to the Nomad peer to indicate that the user state migration data has been cached.

  2. Sets the following task sequence variables for subsequent actions:

    • PBAComputerName: A label used to refer to the cache in following Nomad actions.

This task sequence action:

  • Is the final action in the saving phase of user state migration.

Configurable parameters


Default value



Peer Backup Assistant: Close Nomad PBA Data Store.

Name for the custom task sequence action.


Action to close the PBA data store connection after saving user state.

Description for the custom task sequence action.