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1E 8.2 (SaaS)


A new version of Tachyon is now available that provides integration with your Azure Active Directory IdP and new Mac support in the Experience application.

If you are currently a Tachyon customer and your company uses Azure Active Directory (AAD), you will be upgraded to Tachyon 8.2 as this paves the way for future 1E cloud upgrades. There will be a 4 hour downtime associated with the upgrade and you will need to reconfigure your Tachyon users following the upgrade, other than that there should be minimal disruption to your service. If you want to take advantage of the new version please contact your 1E Account Team.

This document will tell you:

  • New features in Tachyon 8.2

  • What the prerequisites are for starting the provisioning process

  • How to request a new or upgrade instance and the process you will follow, including information on how to configure your AAD environment

  • How to access Tachyon and deploy your 1E Clients

  • How to manage users

  • How to extend Tachyon with new Product Packs

  • Differences between Cloud and On-Premises Tachyon.