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Shopping 6.1

Upgrading to Shopping

Upgrade paths

As a general rule, we recommend you upgrade Shopping to the latest version before it goes out of support. The Shopping 6.1 installer will handle upgrades from Shopping 5.5 or later. If you are attempting to upgrade from earlier versions, please contact 1E support for the best approach.

From Shopping 6.1 onwards, Shopping Central directly synchronizes with Configuration Manager, and no longer requires ActiveEfficiency Server.

Pre-upgrade steps


If you do not have a valid Shopping license when you upgrade to Shopping 6.1, contact Sales for a new license key. You should also contact Sales if you want to use the Tachyon-related functionality of Shopping 6.1.

When upgrading a production system, we recommend the following to avoid any potential loss of data or service to users:

  1. Always make an SQL backup of the Shopping2 database.

  2. The Shopping installer automatically creates a backup of any file (except .exe and .dll files) in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\1E\Shopping folder that has been modified either manually (as part of customization or via a hot-fix. The files are stored in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\1E\Shopping\Backup_<earlier version of Shopping>

    • This step is done early in the installer wizard and a message box indicates when it is complete. If you are not sure what customizations might have been done to your Shopping installation, you can cancel the installer at this point and review the changes

    • You should plan to re-implement any customizations in the updated files after the upgrade

    • After the upgrade, if you find you have missed re-implementing a customization, you can use these backed up files to determine the details of the previous customizations.

  3. Always make a copy of the following registry key and its subkeys HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\1E\ShoppingCentral

Steps to upgrade Shopping

  1. Perform any necessary pre-upgrade steps.

  2. Run the Shopping Central installer to upgrade Shopping Central components. Refer to Upgrade Shopping Central for detailed instructions on upgrading Shopping Central

  3. Run the Shopping Receiver installer on each Configuration Manager Primary Site to upgrade all Shopping Receivers. Refer to Upgrade the Shopping Receivers for detailed instructions on upgrading Shopping Receivers.


    If you are migrating to a new Shopping 6.1 server (side-by-side rather than upgrading an existing Shopping installation), you will end up with different versions of the Shopping Receiver installed on the same ConfigMgr Primary Site to support the migration process. Use the side-by-side option in the installer.

  4. Verify Shopping functionality.

  5. Plan and deploy the 1E Client (formerly named the Tachyon Agent). Refer to Replace the Shopping Agent with the 1E Client for detailed instructions on how to deploy the 1E Client to replace the existing Shopping Agent or Tachyon Agent.

  6. ActiveEfficiency Server is no longer used by Shopping Central server, so you can uninstall ActiveEfficiency and stop the ActiveEfficiency Scout from routinely running.

  7. Perform any necessary post-upgrade steps.

Post-upgrade steps

  • Before replacing any of the customized configuration or email template files that were backed up prior to the upgrade, backup the new default configuration and email template files

  • Replace any configuration or email templates that were backed up during the upgrade

  • Customized Shopping Web pages need to be re-written as they have been completely re-designed

  • Re-visit Shopping Admin console settings and configure them as necessary.

  • If you changed the installation folder during an upgrade or re-installation, the location of the 6 workflow integration scripts are not changed. If you previously used defaults, then you should manually change them to the new location.

  • Some preference changes in the Shopping admin console require an IIS reset or Shopping Central service restart.

  • If you had changed files in GlobalResources folder, merge your existing copy of the GlobalResources folder with the newly installed files. For details on how to do this contact 1E support.