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Shopping 6.1

AD group membership rental

Earlier versions of Shopping enabled users to Shop for membership of specific user and computer AD groups. With the latest version of Shopping, Administrators can now enable users to remove themselves from any AD group memberships they have Shopped for. This also allows Shopping to provide AD Group Membership on a rental basis, whereby a user can become a member of an AD group for a configurable length of time.

Shopping AD Group applications that do not have a Configuration Manager component can now be configured for rental by following the steps outlined below. These steps assume there is a non-Configuration Manager application configured with some AD groups with the appropriate permissions.

The controls on the Rental tab in the application's Properties dialog for non-Configuration Manager applications will initially be disabled, as shown in the following picture:


To enable rental for this application:

  1. Select the AD tab in the application's Properties dialog and check the Enable AD group removal checkbox.

  2. Checking this checkbox enables the Enable Rental checkbox on the Rental tab.


You will then be able to configure AD group membership rental in the same way as you would for any other type of Rental Application.