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Shopping 6.1

Issues specific to the 1E Client Shopping module, 1E Client, Shopping Agent, or Tachyon Agent




Shopping module does not send machine details on a TLS enabled Windows 7 environment

The Shopping module in the Tachyon 3.2 Agent fails to send machine details on a TLS enabled Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) environment.

Firefox prompts you to restart the browser when connecting to the Shopping website. After restarting you are no longer prompted.

Firefox must be restarted to allow changes made by Shopping client to take effect. The Shopping Console has a setting for WSAFirefox support enabled. The Shopping client module reads this setting from Shopping Web and if enabled (default is true) then it does the following:

  • creates a certificate chain of a CA certificate and a leaf certificate signed by the CA certificate

  • configures Firefox to import certificates from the standard Windows certificate store (by default Firefox uses its own certificate store).

This Console setting for WSA is only required if using Firefox and HTTPS because Firefox is stricter in which certificates it accepted on an HTTPS connection and by default uses its own certificate store. The WSA setting can be disabled in the Shopping Console if only using other browsers, or not using HTTPS.

1E Client log shows entries:

INFO - Added '1E Ltd CA Certificate' certificate to ROOT certificate store

INFO - Added '1E Ltd localhost Certificate' certificate to MY certificate store

If you are using Shopping HTTPS then use Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers to login to Shopping.

If you are using Firefox browsers with a Shopping HTTTPS website then you will need this.

If you are using Shopping HTTP website then you can disable the Shopping Console setting for WSA Firefox support enabled.