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USB Media

Why can't I see the USB screen?

You won't see this screen if:

  • the use of USB media is prohibited in your environment

  • we haven't asked for it

  • if there is enough storage space in the the local cache to hold for the required content

What devices are supported by WSA and why are they used?

Any peripheral device that plugs into the PC via the USB port as long as it is formatted to the NTFS file system. These devices are used to hold Packages for Task Sequences and USMT data. Whether these devices can be used or not depends on how the WSA deployment was configured.

What happens if the USB drive is full?

If the USB device does not have sufficient space during the download check process, you will need to make space or provide in a USB device with enough space.

What happens to the personal data on the USB device? Will it be deleted?

Any data outside the 1EWSA folder is preserved.

Can I copy or move WSA data from one USB device to another?

You can copy or move the 1EWSA folder from one USB device to another as long as you ensure that the storage space on the new USB device meets the original requirements determined in the estimation process.