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Shopping 6.1

Release information

Shopping 6.1 release notes – last updated 11-Aug-2022

These release notes contain late-breaking information about Shopping. For the most up-to-date information, see the online release notes and known issues.

New features

This release introduces the following improvements:

  • Order Tracking

    • To allow users to better understand how their requests are proceeding, users can now receive more email notifications, especially for deployments that are taking longer than usual. Users can also check a Windows notification area icon at their convenience for Shopping notifications, or they can see and check Windows action center notifications, When viewing the Shopping website, users can see enhanced status at the My Software All Orders page. The icon for the My Software link also displays a count of new notifications. Please refer to Order Tracking User Experiences for examples

    • Administrators can enable notifications in a variety of formats and at a level of aggressiveness that is appropriate to their organization. Administrators can also edit the notification texts to be most meaningful for their users. And they can customize the notification area icon and name to match that of the Shopping web page. For details on how to make those changes, please refer to Managing Order Tracking. See Order Tracking Best Practices for guidance on how to best manage Order Tracking

  • 1E Tachyon integration

    • You can now offer Tachyon instructions to users in the same way as ConfigMgr, Intune, and other applications types. This option is most useful to allow users to fix or reconfigure their computers for issues that users commonly understand (such as disk space or Outlook issues). However, it can also be used to quickly deploy software to users or anything else that Tachyon instructions can do. Please refer to Managing Tachyon Instruction applications for details on how to set up Tachyon instructions as Shopping applications

    • Tachyon integration also enables the client-side activities of Order Tracking, particularly for client-side notifications and status monitoring

    • To enable Tachyon integration, please refer to Preparation to ensure your environment is prepared to enable Tachyon integration and then refer to Enabling Tachyon integration to enable it

  • Windows Servicing Assistant improvements

    • Administrators can now allow users to show hidden files and folders on the user back up page.

  • Other

    • Shopping installs its web portal to use HTTPS binding by default.


      When upgrading, the Shopping URLs have to be updated in 1E Client and WSS Task sequences accordingly for customers that already have the 1E Client with the Shopping client deployed.

    • In the Shopping Web interface, when users select a category, the category remains open in the category menu and highlighted - helping the users to remember which category they were looking at

    • If a user selects to display Shopping items in a list view, or again in grid view, their selection persists on both views

    • ActiveEfficiency is no longer used by Shopping.

Release history (14th September 2021) Web Release
  • Order Tracking Feature

  • Tachyon Instructions as Shoppable Items

  • Windows Servicing Assistant Improvements

Contained fixes:

  • Q21536 - WSA is killing Shopping. Too many ADO connections being created and remaining open

  • Q21542 - AD Integration Fails when adding computers or users from different forest.

  • Q21544 - Shopping - Javascript error when trying to access Shopping webpage from Software Center.

  • Q21566 - Unable to search machines on the basket page when using a comma-separated list of machine names

  • Q21586 - Shopping security problems in a multi-forest selective authentication trust.

  • Q21588 - Need for a persistent list or grid view and the selected category menu item to be open and highlighted on the Shopping website.

  • Q21614 - Caching Issue discovered when using a specific Shopping Admin Account.

  • Q21468 - Unable to add more then 103 OU's into the computer category for Shopping 6.0

  • Q21466 - Shopping WSA dashboard sorting not working as intended

  • Q21464 - Shop On behalf feature not working

  • Q21462 - WSA Readiness screen fails and logs error ‘Failed to queue download job for content:, version:0, Dest(NomadCache)’

  • Q21110 - Admin is not able to shop for an AppSet for other CM machine (22nd June 2020) Web Release
  • Microsoft Intune integration

  • User Interface improvements

  • Windows Servicing Assistant improvements

  • Microsoft Store for Business Integration documented

Contained fixes:

  • Q21006 - SQL and Shopping Performance issues

  • Q21008 - Shopping Receiver flooding ConfigMgr with SMS_ClientNotification and Collection Refresh.

  • Q20829 - Shopping Receiver Threading Null Reference Exceptions and looping issues in CleanupAfterOrderCompleted.

  • Q20944 - ApprovalUpdate.vbs does not populate NextApproverName if approvals are done through deputy approver.

  • Q20890 - Deputy approver not getting set to 'Default Deputy Approver Group' while using a chain of approvers. (29th Nov 2019) Web Release
  • Data object purging: Remove old records in Shopping and ConfigMgr

  • Receiver to work without administrative privileges on client machines

  • Multi-threading of workflow integration and Receiver order processing

  • Ease of upgrades by backing up modified files

  • Improved status for failed orders by retrying them

  • Shopping client module in 1E Client 5.0

Contained fixes:

  • Q20622 - Tachyon/Shopping Module causing error 'Failed to parse machine id from json string when MAC address is blank'

  • Q20574 - Tachyon service error while clicking the 'Done' button of acknowledge screen of the WSA wizard

  • Q20518 - WSA ServiceNow Changes in Shopping for fetching alternate urls and Firefox support settings

  • Problem 186298 - ConfigMgr db access group not being granted permission to site database SQL function 'fnGetSiteNumber'

  • Problem 183659 - Shopping Receiver MSI fails to install when SCCM database is on SQL server using custom Port

  • Q20488 - Disabled Applications are still visible and available to Request

  • Q20472 - Application is marked failed and failure emails is being sent even when the request is being rejected

  • Q20436 - Support for ServiceNow integration with WSA in Shopping (05th April 2019) Web Release
  • Applications page in Windows Servicing Assistant includes all installed, normalized applications

  • Allow conditional download of Windows 10 upgrade packages with Windows Servicing Assistant

  • Check Windows 10 version in Windows Servicing Assistant readiness checks before upgrading

  • Perform In-place Upgrade compatibility check in Windows Servicing Assistant readiness checks

  • Improve hash-check efficiency in Windows Servicing Assistant

  • Allow Windows Servicing Assistant to exclude user state migration

  • Shopping client module in 1E Client 4.1 (renamed from Tachyon Agent)

Contained fixes:

  • Q20294 - WSA failing with Shopping API timeout

  • Q20360 - Shopping Central Error trying to insert null ResourceGuid while doing Active Efficiency machine sync

  • Q20358 - Shopping LDAP lookup fails on non-escaped forward slash character

  • Q20356 - Shopping is trying to process orders with Null OrderIds and failing

  • Q20354 - Failed to run Workflow VB Scripts if user comments contain double quotes (20th November 2018) Web release
  • TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support

  • Localisation/customisation support for WSA Wizard

  • ICS and Email customisation for legacy OSD

  • WSA enhancements – Wifi support for Wipe and Load Destructive deployments, deleting orphaned WSA orders, customizing the WSA Wizard

  • Shopping client module in Tachyon Agent 3.3 (then 4.0)

Contained fixes:
  • Q20046 - Cancelled order's machine was not removed from WSA collection

  • Q20044 - Use new In-place Upgrade AppMigration API for WSA In-place Upgrades

  • Q20042 - Change the way Machine Info is retrieved

  • Q20032 - Unable to License Shopping

  • Q20030 - Request to change logging in ShoppingCentral.log due to excessive rollover

  • Q20028 - Setting Show Admin Tab = 'FALSE' breaks 'Shop on Behalf'

  • Q20026 - Searching for Machine in Shopping timing out

  • Q20024 - Shopping AD Integration Delivery Status is not being updated

  • Q20050 - PolicyDownload checks fails due to a Bad Order existing in the Shopping DB (machine missing in CM)

  • Q20048 - Policy Download check can get stuck for 30 mins and fail

  • Q20070 - Shopping Receiver resource not found for WSA Order

  • Q20125 - Shopping Sending installation failure Email for Non ConfigMgr Apps

  • Q20013 - Shopping reports do not scale for large Shopping databases (25th April 2018) Web release
  • Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) Report

  • Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) Deployment Application

  • Shopping Receiver changes

  • Shopping Agent replaced by the Shopping client module in Tachyon Agent 3.2

Contained fixes:
  • Q13468 - Shopping reports do not scale for large Shopping databases

  • Q13466 - Shopping report date picker is transparent

  • Q13464 - Shopping splash screen displays more than once on login

  • Q13377 - Shopping Orders stuck in tb_processing

  • Q13375 - Auto-rejected approval fails to launch Workflow Integration with error

  • Q13363 - Shopping and AE Sync are causing duplicate devices in Shopping

  • Q13361 - User accounts are Not removed from AD group on Application Uninstallation

  • Q13359 - Disable ReinstallApps setting on OSD app causes date picker to be disabled

  • Q13251 - Shopping Receiver processes orders that should have expired for applications that are disabled

  • Q13162 - Display of Shopping landing page delayed when OSD deployment exists

  • Q13160 - Creating OSD Mapping Rules - unable to get catalog versions for some apps to populatedropdownlist

  • Q13158 - Shopping Admin - New OSD Wizard doesn't pull back the correct list of collection

  • Q13119 - Tiles are not formatted correctly in list view with order status

  • Q13117 - Unable to request banner items

  • Q13115 - Shopping Sync with ActiveEfficiency does not change CM SiteCodes in Shopping for machines

  • Q13113 - Timestamps of Application ratings/reviews in Shopping, show only in UK timezone.

  • Q13103 - Computer Categories bypassing approvals (23rd March 2017) Web release
  • Application Migration – leverage our Windows 10 Solution to migrate applications during a Windows 10 OS deployment

  • Functionality to disable reinstall application in the OSD wizard

  • Functionality to hide text in banner for better aesthetics in the Shopping Web if banner image already has a strapline

Contained fixes:
  • Q12987 - Reshopping failures are not updating tb_orderHistory

  • Q12979 - Shopping Receiver is lacking accuracy in determining AppModel Order status

  • Q12969 - OS Filtering issue with AppModel Applications

  • Q12967 - Shopping Search results are showing approvals required when it should not

  • Q12965 - Shopping is not fully processing items from tb_processing, they get stuck

  • Q12908 - Delivery Windows not saving

  • Q12908 - Display Category in list view

  • Q12908 - OS Filtering Taking too long (40 hours) making OS filtering useless

  • Q12983 - Security Vulnerability - Insecure Direct Object References

  • Q12991 - Security Vulnerability - Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • Problem 73422 - Shopping Receiver fails to post using method /order/UpdateAdvertStatus

  • Problem 72883 - Shopping and AppClarity Integration stuck in a loop

  • Problem 75733 - Shopping App Mapping with AC 5.2 is not working due to Unknown values from AC 5.2

  • Problem 56287 - Shopping not retaining the setting to always expand the comments

  • Problem 77514 - Timings of Application ratings/reviews in Shopping shows only in UK timezone