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Device Information and Experience scores

ITSM Connect now lets you view the device information and Experience scores from Tachyon.

In ITSM v3, the following new features have been added:

  • Device Info View

  • Online/Offline status of device

  • Experience Scores

  • Remediation options

  • Instructions UI refresh.

Device Information

Device Information shows the details of the selected device retrieved from Tachyon (1E Product). It will be viewed as an icon adjacent to Configuration Item (CI) field. To see device information click on the status icon, the dot next to the Configuration Item field, shown as a green dot in the picture.


The pop-up screen subsequently displayed shows details collected for the device by Tachyon such as CPU, RAM, Last Boot, Last Connected and Status.

Experience Scores

Experience Scores are imported from 1E Experience. To view Experience scores, scroll down to the bottom of the Incident form.

Remediating issues

By clicking the REMEDIATE button you can immediately select and run instructions with the scope set to the particular device. Clicking the button displays the 1E ITSM Connect tab, where you can search for and run instructions, as shown in the screenshot below. In 1E ITSM Connect V3.0 we improved the layout and appearance of the 1E ITSM Connect tab, but the workflow is identical to the previous version.