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Known issues

Lists of the current known issues with implementing, configuring and using the 1E ITSM Connect app.

1E ITSM Connect app known issues




When clicking on the Retrieve Instructions button 1E ITSM Connect displays a Not allowing update of property: x_1e_connect.instruction_sets error.

This error will appear if the ServiceNow user with the x_1e_connect.Tachyon_Admin role is also a ServiceNow admin and they are in the global ServiceNow scope. 1E ITSM Connect expects that user is in the scope of the 1E ITSM Connect application.

Change the scope for the ServiceNow admin user from Global to 1E ITSM Connect. For more details please refer to: Configuration issues.

Duplicate results displayed as the Output of a query

In rare scenarios, when we execute a Tachyon instruction from the incident form, the results are displayed as duplicated. Ex, if there are 2 rows to be displayed, 4 rows are actually displayed.

Re-execute the instruction.

Attach response for approval based instructions

For an instruction that requires an approval, there is no way to attach the (instruction) response to the ticket. You can view all previous reponses, but the "Attach Response" button is missing. This is fixed in the next release

Fixed in next release