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Installing and upgrading

How to set up .

is a ServiceNow application that can be purchased and installed from ServiceNow App Store. This section provides details on how to install and how to configure it post-installation for use.

Setup for ReportingTachyon Database

This setup demonstrates a step-by-step procedure to capture data using 1E instructions, and establish a process to retain the most recent response data irrespective of the device not being connected to 1E switch. The need for this procedure has arisen in order to gather additional data required for ServiceNow CMDB.

This process uses two different SQL scripts to identify a device. One of the script uses Computer Manufacturer, Model and Serial Number to identify the device, whereas the other uses FQDN. When either of the scripts is executed on SQL Server, it creates a new database with two stored procedures and a new table. Users now can add the instructions for which they want to retain data persistently. Upon execution of the first stored procedure, it enumerates all the instructions into a table. For each of these instructions, it will run the second stored procedure with instruction name as parameter that generates the most recent response data for the instructions. Finally, it merges the most recent response data with the persistent data into the table.

If available data for any device is older than 99 days, then that data is removed from the table.

There are few limitations to this process, as mentioned below:

  1. As per the current process, there is only one response table in use. However, if the other switches use other databases, then there might be the need of adding more response tables to it.

  2. The SQL script provide the latest responses for the instruction name given. This means that if there is a scheduled run for an instruction with a defined collection time and a 1E user also runs the same instruction for a different collection time during the same period, then either this script will return data for the least collection time given among the two runs or might throw an error. To avoid this conflict, any instruction that is part of this automation process is to be noted so that any 1E user in Explorer will be able to identify that the same instruction shouldn't be run manually during the defined collection time.