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Here, we describe how to place a request and install from the ServiceNow app store.


The following instructions show you how to purchase the from the ServiceNow app store and install it on a user's device.

Navigate to the store

Browse to the ServiceNow app store using the following URL:!/store/home, as shown.

Click the Log In button at the top-right of the ServiceNow Store to log in.

ServiceNow app store

The Login popup window prompts you for your HI credentials. This username and password are same as the ones you will have provided when you created your ServiceNow account.

You can also reset your account password from here.

Find the SGC Dependencies plugin

When you have logged in, search for the plugin Service Graph Connector Dependencies or sn_sg_dependencies (plugin ID) from the available list on ServiceNow store, as shown in the picture.

Service Graph Connector Dependencies
Install the Service Graph Connector Dependencies plugin

Click on the plugin and ensure that you have the required subscription to install it. Installing this plugin will satisfy all functional and licensing dependent plugins for SGC.

Service Graph Connector Dependencies
Find the SGC for 1E Tachyon

Now that you have installed the Service Graph Connector Dependencies plugin, search for Service Graph Connector for 1E Tachyon from the list of available apps on ServiceNow store.

ServiceNow app store
Provide payment details

Click on the application and follow the step-by-step procedure to complete the payment.

Once the payment is successfully processed, the SGC for 1E Tachyon app will be automatically installed on your ServiceNow instance. The ServiceNow Instance details will already be available in ServiceNow because they are part of your TPP credentials.

Payment details