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Introducing 1E Virtual Assistant

1E Virtual Assistant from 1E integrates Tachyon into the ServiceNow Virtual Agent. The product comes with a number of pre-defined topics, which are all installed by default, that enable ServiceNow Portal users to make requests for the device they are browsing from.

To implement and administer this product we expect you to be:

  1. A qualified ServiceNow system administrator.

  2. ServiceNow Micro-Certified on the Virtual Agent.

The main reason for the requirements above is that the topics provided with 1E Virtual Assistant do not have any associated approval workflow and are all enabled by default when you install the product. Before implementing 1E Virtual Assistant in your production environment you must:

  1. Select the topics you want implemented in your production environment.

  2. Modify the topics to include an approval process in ServiceNow.

  3. Fully test those topics in a suitable test environment.

New features in 1E Virtual Assistant

This release of 1E Virtual Assistant introduces the following new features:

  • Automated chatbot that links between ServiceNow and Tachyon to provide your end-users with the ability to troubleshoot their own devices.