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Add a VPN Connection

An end-user reports that they want to connect to a VPN using the ServiceNow Virtual Agent. The Virtual Agent responds by matching them with the Virtual Assistant Add a VPN topic, which uses Tachyon to trigger an automated set-up and configuration of Microsoft VPN client on their device following a step-by-step guided process.

What you need to enable the add a VPN connection topic

The following Tachyon instructions must be added to your Tachyon system:

  • 1E-Explorer-ServiceNow-VPNAddOrUpdate

This instruction takes two parameters, VPN name and VPN server name as inputs, and verifies if there's an existing VPN connection on the device with these details. If a VPN connection exists, the VPN connection is updated with the predefined default configuration. Otherwise it adds a new VPN connection to the device with the specified VPN name and VPN server name. The parameter VPNName is passed to set-up the connection on the device and the parameter VPNServer is passed to configure the connection to the server.


The following are required:

  • A Virtual Assistant Administrator has configured the VPN name and VPN server name on the App Settings page of 1E Virtual Assistant, the VPN server name should not exceed 128 characters

  • It works only for Microsoft VPN client.


If an error is displayed, check whether a VPN has already been added to VPN Name. If this is the case, delete the entry manually and try to add the entry again.

How your end-users request to add a VPN connection

The Virtual Assistant is integrated into the ServiceNow Virtual Agent accessible from the ServiceNow Portal. Please refer to Starting a conversation with 1E Virtual Assistant for more details on how to access the ServiceNow Virtual Agent and how to get to the Virtual Assistant topics.

Selecting the Add a VPN connection topic using the search field

Your end-user can type any of the following keywords to find the Add a VPN connection topic:

  • Add a VPN connection

  • Microsoft VPN client

  • VPN.

The picture shows the end-user has typed add a VPN into the search field and Matching Requests shows the Add a VPN connection topic that has been found.


Selecting the Add a VPN connection option results in a confirmation message that the default VPN configuration settings have been updated and suggests that your end-user checks if the connection is working. It also displays a step-by-step process to get connected to the VPN.


Once the virtual agent has successfully connected to the VPN, it then asks whether the issue that the end-user raised has been resolved. The end-user gets to respond with Yes or No, as shown in the picture.

Rating the Virtual Assistant

After responding Yes the end-user is asked for a rating, Poor, Good or Excellent.


In our example the end-user selects the Excellent option and the Virtual Assistant completes the conversation.

The rating is a default part of all the Virtual Assistant topics this can be changed if you don't want your end-users to be prompted whenever they select an action. Please refer to Changing the behavior of a Virtual Assistant topic for more details.