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Guided Tour setup

Optional post-installation task for configuring the Guided Tour.

One of the new features in this version is Guided Tours. This feature helps users navigate through the various Order screens starting from within the Service Portal through to fulfillment of the Order.

The setup consists of carrying out 3 actions:

  1. Position the callouts according to placement of the buttons/widgets on each of the screens.

  2. Update the stepWindows 10with CSS Selector details.

  3. EnableAuto Launch.

Positioning Callouts

This step is only necessary if the Request form design and workflow has been customized. For default Request form design and workflows you can skip to Adding Launch WSA Wizard to the ServiceNow Service Portal.

To position callouts:

  1. Open Guided Tours and select Windows 10.

  2. Click on Edit with Designer.

  3. Place the callouts according to the customized position of your buttons/widgets. For more details, please refer to

Update the Windows 10 step

This modification makes the step dynamic and independent of sys_id dependencies. Failure to complete this step will result in the Guided Tour generating the error message Tour abandoned.

  1. Go to Guided Tours and select Windows 10.

  2. Find the step titled Click <b>Windows 10</b>.

  3. Click on the information icon


    to the left of the row to display the Guided Tour Element popup and then click on the Open Record button.

  4. The Guided Tour Step page is displayed.

  5. Navigate to the Actions tab

  6. On the Actions tab to the right of the Action Target Reference field click the

  7. This opens the Guided Tour Element popup, Click on Open Record

  8. In the CSS Selector field, enter .table tr td a.

  9. Click Update to save the changes to the step and then preview the tour.

Enable Auto Launch

By default, this property is disabled. To enable Auto Launch, once the callouts have been placed appropriately:

  1. Go to Configure Auto Launch and select the appropriate tile.

  2. Toggle the Auto launch switch. Once it turns green, the auto launch property has been enabled.