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Introducing 1E Tachyon CMDB Connect

1E Tachyon CMDB Connect is an integration between ServiceNow and Tachyon. This application allows the authorized user to view and learn the performance and behavior of end-user devices available in an enterprise.

To implement and administer this application, we expect you to be:

  • A qualified ServiceNow system administrator

  • Have required knowledge of 1E Tachyon CMDB Connect application.

Before you start using 1E Tachyon CMDB Connect, ensure you have completed these settings:

  • The 1E CMDB Connect tab is configured to display the real-time status of end-user devices

  • Related Lists are configured to retrieve device details at the click of a button.

New features in 1E Tachyon CMDB Connect

This release introduces the following new features:

  • Populates key attributes in CMDB from Tachyon API (Serial number, MAC Address, FQDN etc.)

  • Integrity of CMDB maintained through standard identification/reconciliation rules

  • Data source is set to "1E Tachyon" in CMDB

  • Gather additional attributes in real-time (IP address, Operating System, Domain etc.)

  • 1E Related lists - Push button to retrieve data directly from device (Running processes, Installed software etc.)

  • Tachyon Information Service - Query your entire Organization's device all at once. Data is collected from all devices and presented in ServiceNow's TIS record

  • Works seamlessly in tandem with ServiceNow Discovery and SCCM integration

  • Calculated device to user mapping.