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Schedule data sync

1E Tachyon CMDB Connect allows an admin user to configure schedules as required. These Tachyon Schedules enables the sync of end-user device information from Tachyon into ServiceNow at predefined time intervals.

Tachyon Schedules
View existing records in Tachyon Schedule

When a user clicks on the Tachyon Schedules tab available under 1E Tachyon CMDB Connect menu, it opens up a table on the right panel of the page. The table displays a list of all existing Tachyon Schedules available as shown in the picture.

When a Tachyon Schedule is executed, the end-user device information along with the following fields are synced from Tachyon to ServiceNow:

  • Serial number

  • FQDN

  • Name

  • Mac address

  • Assign to.

Create a new record in Tachyon Schedule

It also allows an admin user to create a new schedule by clicking New button given at the top.

Clicking New button opens up a form like the one shown.


To create a record for a new Tachyon Schedule you need to supply the following details:

Field name



Specifies name of the schedule and can be considered as an identifier.


The automatic recurrence of the schedule e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Periodically etc.


It specifies the time in Hours : Minutes : Seconds format stating when the Tachyon Schedule should run.


This box is checked by default. It shows the status of the schedule, whether it's Active or not. In case the user wants the schedule to be inactive, then this box should be unchecked. An inactive schedule is not executed.

Use Company

This box is unchecked by default. When a user checks this box, an additional field appears requesting the name of the Company. It allows a user to select the Company from the predefined list. This field will be required for the multi-tenant feature.

Target Table (mandatory)

It allows a user to make a selection from the dropdown list specifying the table where this information will be stored. It is a mandatory field.

Run as

This field shows the name of the referenced user account that executes the schedule. By default, it displays the name of the current logged on user.


This is an autopopulated field based on the selected Target Table. This filter is applied when end-user device information is pulled into ServiceNow. It filters end-user device information based on the attributes from the Target Table.

Validate Filter

This button validates the filter. If the filter is valid it will show a success message stating:

'Validation successful. This schedule will populate N records in xxx'.

If the filter is invalid it shows an error message stating:

'Validation failed. Please correct your filter and try again.'


Always validate the filter before submitting a Tachyon schedule.


It saves the Tachyon Schedule as a record.

Edit a record in Tachyon Schedule

The admin user can also apply changes to an existing schedule by clicking on the Tachyon Schedule name from the list of schedules, as shown in the picture.