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1E ITSM Connect release information

1E ITSM Connect app Release Notes – last updated 03-April 2023

These notes contain late-breaking information about the 1E ITSM Connect app that you need to have to successfully install and use the product. You should read these release notes for 1E ITSM Connect application thoroughly before installing the software.

New features in 1E ITSM Connect 4.1

Features in V4.1

  • Compatible with Rome and San Diego (Patch 4 or later releases)

  • Added scheduled job to retrieve instructions

  • 1E Device Info to view device details on Agent Workspace

  • 1E Quick Fixes on Agent Workspace to run instructions instantaneously

  • Define Quick Fixes categories to map with selected instructions

  • ROI Configuration to calculate Potential Savings

  • ITSM Connect Dashboard displays predefined reports

  • Guided Setup to configure 1E ITSM Connect

  • Added scheduled job to retrieve instructions

  • Enabled admin to set order for Recommended Actions

Feature in V3.2

  • Recommended actions.

  • Availability on Agent Workspace.

  • Support investigation and remediation on multiple endpoints.

  • Flexibility to configure device FQDN - any table any field

  • Quebec compatible

  • Instruction execution from the incident, problem and change module in Agent workspace. (Can target single or multiple devices at once)

  • Device info (Configuration item/CI/Machine) in incident, change and problem module in Agent workspace.

  • Recommended actions against a ticket based on its short description.

  • Attach response button on Trigger Instruction record

  • Fourth checkbox for User sentiment on 1E Experience tab.

  • Any table any field support for device FQDN

Feature in V3.1

  • Domain Separation Support - The 3.1 version of this Application supports multi-tenant, domain separated ServiceNow instances. With this version, a single ServiceNow Instance can be connected to multiple Tachyon environments. Each Tachyon environment will report back to a single, unique tenant within a Domain separated ServiceNow instance. Apart from this, all features from previous versions are supported.

Features in V3 :

  • Device Info View - this feature enables your ServiceNow users to access the information that Tachyon retrieves for devices, for example: whether a device is connected to Tachyon or not, the timezone the device is in and other useful data.

  • 1E Experience integration - These features are dependent on 1E Experience being installed. For more details, please refer to1E Experience 1.0 (Tachyon 5.0) and 1E Experience 1.2 (Tachyon 5.1).

    • Experience Scores - lets you view the current experience rating for devices. For more details on Experience Scores and the product itself, please refer to 1E Experience 1.0 - The Scores, or 1E Experience 1.2 - The Scores.

    • Remediating issues - you can investigate and remediate any issues that 1E Experience identifies on your devices by running Tachyon instructions on the device.

  • Instructions UI improvements - the layout and appearance of the 1E ITSM Connect tab has been improved to make the selection, running and display of instructions and results better.

Online help

The 1E ITSM Connect app comes with online help that shows you how to install, configure and use the product. Click the following link to view the help:

For support queries, please

Known issues

The current known issues related to the installation and running of 1E ITSM Connect app can be found in the Troubleshooting Known issues page of the 1E ITSM Connect app documentation.