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The 1E ITSM Connect Dashboard visualizes the pre-configured reports. You can navigate via 1E ITSM ConnectDashboard to view Dashboard. There are four reports available on the Dashboard, as shown in the picture below.




Potential Savings

The Potential Savings widget on 1E ITSM Connect Dashboard allows both Tachyon admin and Tachyon user to visualize the savings incurred from triggered instructions. Each triggered instruction with the status marked as Completed counts for calculating the Potential Savings. For the Potential Savings to reflect in the widget, a record in the ROI Configurations (x_1e_connect_roi_configuration) table must be created first.

History of Tachyon Instructions triggered by day

This section visualizes the total count of Tachyon instructions triggered in a day. The instruction count is given with respect to the date on which it was triggered.

Tachyon top Instructions (last 7 days)

This report displays the top Tachyon instructions that are executed in the last seven days and how many times these instructions were executed.

Total executed Instructions (last 30 days)

This section displays the total number of Tachyon instructions executed in the last 30 days.