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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Known issues

Lists of the current known issues for implementing, configuring and using Tachyon Dashboards.




After initially installing the Hotfix bundle, when navigating to the Exec Dashboard page and then selecting to view earlier months, an error is displayed in the Tachyon Managed Devices tile.

This is because some of the data that is used for the Tachyon Managed Devices tile has not yet been generated.

You will need to wait for the first scheduled aggregated data sync to run at 23:59 UTC to happen. After this sync has run, the error will not be displayed.

If the Tachyon Managed Devices drawer is open on the Exec Dashboard page, and the month selector is used to change to another month, the data in the drawer is not updated to reflect the change.

The update is not being handled in the drawer correctly, so the information displayed is not updated when the month changes.

To view the correct data, close and then re-open the Tachyon Managed Devices drawer by clicking on the Tachyon Managed Devices tile.

An error occurred message appears when clicking on the Detailed View link on the Perception of IT tile to display the Perception of IT details drawer.

This occurs when the selected month doesn't have any data for the Perception of IT sentiment survey.

Refresh the page and the Detailed View option to display information on the Perception of IT survey results is no longer displayed.

The tooltips used to provide information on the screen refer to manual actions.

This text should refer to manual or scheduled actions.


The text An error occurred appears on the Perception of IT tile.

This text appears when the Perception of IT survey has not yet been created in Tachyon Experience.

A Tachyon Experience administrator should create and save the Perception of IT survey.