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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Using Experience

Tachyon Experience helps you visualize your end-users' experience of IT service delivery across your enterprise.

It is centered around the experience score, which is based on metrics that cover four categories:

  • Stability - derived from the frequency of operating system and software crashes, hangs and service failures.

  • Responsiveness - based on the speed of operating system startup, system resource creation and availability.

  • Performance - a weighted indication of load and throughput for device processor, memory and disk resources.

  • Sentiment - an aggregated measurement of users feelings or opinions of their device's performance, stability and responsiveness based on user surveys.


Experience can be reached directly using the following URL:

https://<Tachyon DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/Experience

where <Tachyon DNS Name FQDN> is the one set up during the preparation phase, as described in Tachyon 8.1 - Preparation: DNS Names.


Experience was built with the following three personas in mind. These personas are an example of typical users of Experience.

  • End User Computing Manager (EUC Manager)

  • Level 1/Level 2 Service Desk Analysts

  • Level 3 Service Desk Analysts

The pages in the Using Experience section show the different ways that each of these personas use Experience to achieve specific goals related to their role.