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1E 8.1 (on-premises)

Metrics Collection Details

Metrics are the data points that are collected by the 1E Client and sent to the Tachyon server. They are collected at different intervals depending on the type of data that is being collected.For example, CPU usage might be collected each hour but crash information is collected at the time of the crash. If the 1E Client cannot connect to the Tachyon switch, the client still collects the data but will hold the information until the next time the switch can be contacted. The 1E Client will send all the collected data at that time.

Data Collection Intervals

Some metrics for Experience are collected as daily summaries. These are sent to the Tachyon Switch each night at midnight. If the 1E Client cannot contact the server at midnight the daily digest data is saved at the device and is sent to the server the next time the server can be contacted. In this version, there is not the ability to force the 1E Client to send the information outside of the nightly cycle.

The data that is collected in the daily digest is:

  • Device resource usage

  • Device Performance, responsiveness and stability data

  • Software stability and resource usage

The Stability Data is reported in real-time to the Tachyon Switch. These include:

  • Software installs/uninstalls

  • Patch installs/uninstalls

  • Operating System reboots

  • Application crashes

  • Application hangs

  • Operating System crashes

  • Windows service failures