The Scout retrieves information from particular data sources and stores that information in ActiveEfficiency for later retrieval by other 1E products. It is designed to be a lightweight process with little or no manipulation of the data it collects before pumping it in to the ActiveEfficiency database via the AppClarity Web API.

Running the Scout

Once the data is in ActiveEfficiency the next stage is for the 1E products to retrieve the information. ActiveEfficiency now includes a scheduling interface that handles the end-to-end process of running the Scout for use with AppClarity and Shopping, see ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager for more details.

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To run the Scout in different modes you can also use the command-line, see Scout Command-line for more details.

You can run the Scout simultaneously in different modes on different servers to retrieve data in parallel and thereby decrease the time taken for data gathering, see Running multiple Scouts simultaneously for more details.

Using the Scout with AppClarity and Shopping

The ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager provides two schedules, a daily one intended primarily for use with AppClarity and an alternate shorter periodic one intended for use with Shopping.

Specifying different Configuration Manager database servers for AppClarity and Shopping

During installation you can specify different Configuration Manager servers for use with AppClarity and Shopping. To do this you must first select the ConfigMgr option on the Component Selection screen then configure the daily Configuration Manager database server and name on the Configuration Manager Database screen and configure the alternate Configuration Manager database server and database name on the Shopping screen, for more detals see installing the Scout.

Running the Scout efficiently for use with Shopping

Shopping only needs the user and machine related information from ActiveEfficiency, this information is retrieved while running the Scout in ConfigMgr mode. However, running in this mode would also normally retrieve a lot of other inventory information that is not used by Shopping. It is possible to use the ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager to run the Scout using the alternate schedule which also filters out the retrieval of information you do not need, thereby greatly decreasing the time it takes for the Scout to run. The alternate Scout mode is configured during installation and the appropriate filtering is automatically applied to the alternate Scout configuration file.

Configuring the Scout

The Scout retrieves information from a variety of data sources and requires a different configuration for each, for more details see Configuring Scout Modes.