Configuring the Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager Scout

This mode provides information for AppClarity on software installations and software usage for any servers and workstations with the Configuration Manger client installed it also retrieves information on SQL Server and AppV applications managed through Configuration Manager.

This mode also provides machine and user details for Shopping.

Configuring the Scout to retrieve information from Configuration Manager

The following picture shows the components involved in retrieving information from Configuration Manager:

ActiveEfficiency ConfigMgr Scout with SQL Server  

  • The Web API component is used as a central location where information coming from the scout can be stored and retrieved for use in AppClarity and Shopping.
  • The ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager is used to schedule daily and alternate scout runs. For AppClarity the daily schedule is configured to run the scout in full ConfigMgr mode to retrieve information from the Configuration Manager database. For Shopping the alternate schedule is used and that runs the scout in ConfigMgr mode but filters the information that is retrieved to enable it to run faster and therefore more frequently.
  • The information returned by the scout is stored in the ActiveEfficiency database via the Web API component.
  • The ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager daily schedule is also used to run the AppClarity Sync to retrieve the information from ActiveEfficiency for use in AppClarity.
  • Shopping has its own schedule that regularly retrieves information from ActiveEfficiency.

General Scout ConfigMgr mode configuration

The Scout ConfigMgr mode is set up during installation. When the Standard ConfigMgr mode is selected on the Component Selection screen of the Scout installer, the installer later prompts you to enter details for the Configuration Manager database server and database name. See installing the Scout for more details.

Configuring AppClarity Integration

The AppClarity Synchronizer and ActiveEfficiency Scout components can now be configured from the ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager. By default the ActiveEfficiency Synchronization Manager lets you schedule the Scout to run once per day, immediately followed by the AppClarity Synchronization. As a result the updated information retrieved by the Scout is passed on to AppClarity in the minimum configurable time.

Configuration Manager Data Capture Requirements

Configuration Manger versions supported by the Scout in ConfigMgr mode are detailed in the prerequisitesEnsure the following are enabled in Configuration Manager if you are using AppClarity:

  • Software Inventory
  • Software Metering
  • Hardware Inventory
  • AD System Group Discovery Agent

Retrieving SQL Server information from Configuration Manager

To enable management of SQL Server software installations in AppClarity via information retrieved from Configuration Manager you will need to extend the data that Configuration Manager collects. For more information see Extending the Configuration Manager hardware inventory to retrieve additional SQL Server information .

Retrieving AppV information from Configuration Manager

To retrieve AppV information from Configuration Manager you must additionally schedule the VirtualAppExporter to run once per week. For more details see Configuring the Configuration Manager scout for AppV .