This mode provides information on SQL Server for Windows and LINUX/UNIX servers that do not have the ConfigMgr agent installed to enable AppClarity to manage SQL Server software. It also retrieves all the information that would be gathered in the basic Server mode.

The SQL Server feature requires additional configuration which can be arranged with 1E Professional Services. If you would like to implement this feature please contact 1E for more details.

This mode is selected by setting the Modes parameter to SqlWaste in combination with either Server or iQSonar mode.  For example the following sets the scout to retrieve SQL Server, and all other software installation information for both Windows and UNIX/Linux servers:

C:\Program Files (x86)\1E\ActiveEfficiency\Scout\Scout.exe Modes=SqlWaste,Server NixServers=nixserverlist.txt Servers=winserverlist.txt

In all other respects this mode is configured as described in Configuring Server mode.