This topic describes how to configure the retrieval of computer, software inventory and usage information via the ActiveEfficiency Agent to enable AppClarity 5.2 to manage computers and computer software.

The following diagram shows a schematic of the ActiveEfficiency components involved in communicating between the ActiveEfficiency Agent and AppClarity 5.2.

  • The Web API provides an interface where computer, software inventory and usage information coming from the ActiveEfficiency agent can be stored and retrieved for use in AppClarity 5.2. 
  • The ActiveEfficiency Agent periodically retrieves information from the computer it is running on and sends this information to the ActiveEfficiency Server.
  • AppClarity 5.2 is a consumer of the data gathered by the ActiveEfficiency Agent.

Each ActiveEfficiency Agent will send its information to the ActiveEfficiency Server approximately every six hours. The Agents know nothing about the other Agent's communications with the ActiveEfficiency Server, so information arriving at the ActiveEfficiency Server may be continuous.

Installing the ActiveEfficiency Agent

For details on installing the ActiveEfficiency Agent please contact 1E.

Configuring AppClarity 5.2 Integration

To get the information from the ActiveEfficiency Agent to AppClarity 5.2 you need to synchronize the Connector in AppClarity approximately once per day, as described in AppClarity 5.2 - Connecting to ActiveEfficiency.