ActiveEfficiency Server

1E ActiveEfficiency Server 1.10 has a database that provides the raw data repository used by Shopping and AppClarity 5.2. This database is populated from various data sources, including Configuration Manager, using the ActiveEfficiency Scout.

The following Nomad features require ActiveEfficiency:

Nomad Single-Site Download script

Nomad SSD and SSPBA features use a script to import location data into ActiveEfficiency which is then used by Nomad clients to locate peer clients on subnets within their local site. 

ActiveEfficiency Scout

The Scout retrieves information from various data sources and stores it in the ActiveEfficiency database, either directly or via the API. For more detail please refer to ActiveEfficiency Scout.

The following topics describe how to configure ActiveEfficiency to retrieve data from specific sources:

  • Configuring Configuration Manager mode – this scout mode is used to retrieve:
    • AppV, SQL Server and device tagging information for use in AppClarity 5.2
    • machine and user information for use in Shopping
  • Configuring Server mode – this scout mode is used to retrieve server software installation details from Windows and UNIX/LINUX servers
  • Configuring SQL Server mode – this scout mode is used to retrieve information on SQL Server from machines where the Configuration Manager client is not installed
  • Configuring iQSonar mode – this scout mode retrieves information from iQSonar

The ActiveEfficiency synchronization manager enables the configuration of two schedules for when the Scout should retrieve information for respective companion products:

  • For AppClarity 5.2, configure the daily schedule which runs the scout in Configuration Manager mode to retrieve the information
  • For Shopping, configure the alternate schedule which runs the scout in Configuration Manager mode which filters out information not relevant to Shopping

ActiveEfficiency Agent

For customers of legacy AppClarity 5.2 the ActiveEfficiency Agent provides a distributed method of collecting data from clients instead of or as a supplement to Configuration Manager.

1E recommends that customers of AppClarity 5.2 migrate to Tachyon Platform and AppClarity 7.1.