It is now possible to run more than one ActiveEfficiency scout at the same time. This may be on the same server or on different servers.

For example, you could run the Scout in full Configuration Manager mode to retrieve information for use in AppClarity and at the same time run another Scout to retrieve just the user and machine information from Configuration Manager for use in Shopping. In this scenario you could configure a Scout in full Configuration Manager mode to run once a day against a Configuration Manager reporting server and another Scout in the lean efficient Configuration Manager mode, that just retrieves the user and machine information required for Shopping, to run on an hourly schedule against a live Configuration Manager server, without needing to ensure that one Scout has finished before the other may be run.

Another example could be where you have a large server estate and you want to partition the retrieval of data from the servers to use different Scouts. In this scenario you would modify the servers.txt files for each of the Scouts to retrieve information from different servers, the Scouts could then be run simultaneously and the information retrieved from the servers to minimize time in retrieving information.