Uploads entitlements from a folder containing one or more tab or comma separated value file(s).

Entitlement files can be created using the AppClarity v5.2 connector (if you are migrating from AppClarity 5.2), or created manually. 


Before adding a new Entitlement .tsv connector, you will need the following:

  • entitlement files must be either tab or comma separated with corresponding .tsv or .csv extension
  • entitlement files must have the correct column structure and content, as described in the reference page: Entitlement import files
  • the location of entitlement TSV files, which can be a folder location, or share, with at least read access for the SLA Integrate Services Agent account
On this page:

Entitlement .tsv connector configuration

  1. In Name, enter a logical name for this connector

    You should use a naming convention for connector names:

    <connector type> <scope> <RCR>

    Scope describes where data is coming from or what it's being used for. For example Demo, Test, Lab, Q2 Audit.

  2. In Folder or File Location, enter the location for your entitlement TSV file(s)

    The folder location can be a folder on the server, or a remote share, which the SLA Integrate Services Agent account has read access to.

    All files in the folder location will be uploaded, including sub-directories. Files can have any name, provided they have a .tsv or .csv extension.

  3. Click Save

    Test will error if the service account does not have read access to the folder location, or if there are no files in the folder.

    Once uploaded, ensure you remove uploaded files from the location. Duplicates will be created if you upload the same file(s) to the same Entitlements repository, which you will then need to manually delete.

  4. Execute or schedule an action as described in Tachyon 5.1 - Connectors page.