While Application Migration 2.5.200 is fully functional and supported on Tachyon 4.1, it is an interim solution until Application Migration 3.0 is released on Tachyon 4.2 expected early 2020. If you are considering implementing Application Migration on Tachyon 4.1, please be aware of the following changes and limitations.

Accessing the Application Migration UI

After installation, Application Migration isn't available as an app on the Tachyon Portal. To access Application Migration you need to use the SLA Platform interface. To open this in a browser, you must use one of the following URLs:

  • http://<tachyon server FQDN>:<port>/Platform
  • https://<tachyon server DNS alias>:<port>/Platform

The port is optional if the default HTTP port (80) and HTTPS port (443) were defined during installation. However, if you upgraded from SLA Platform 3.3 to Tachyon 4.1 and followed the documented procedure, you will be using a custom port (by default 8080), which must be included when using the HTTP URL. If you prefer to use the HTTPS URL and have selected a custom port for HTTPS on the Website Configuration screen during Tachyon Setup, you will need to include that port number in the URL.

Settings has moved to Tachyon

The previously used SLA Platform Settings interface has been moved to the new Tachyon Portal Settings app. To perform any kind of configuration and settings management you must navigate to the Settings app in the Tachyon portal.  The Settings app can be used by any of the migrated, or newly created users with the appropriate roles discussed in the previous section. There are many tasks for which you will need the Settings app. Here is a list of some commonly used management tasks that are now performed in the Settings app:

  • Creating or modifying management groups
  • Creating or modifying connectors
  • Running a connector sync from various types of inventory sources
  • Manually running basic inventory consolidation report
  • Creating or modifying users
  • Viewing diagnostics and logs.

Refreshing the Application Migration Consolidation report

The Application Migration Consolidation report and Application Migration Records Backup are automatically refreshed by synchronizing any of the inventory connectors in Tachyon - normally the Configuration Manager and Tachyon Inventory connectors.

The Application Migration consolidation report is refreshed differently in the new Tachyon portal to the way it was previously done in SLA Platform. Here is a list of the new ways the report can be refreshed in the Tachyon portal:

  1. Run the User Info Consolidation report from the SLA Platform interface as shown below.

    This option is faster than the other options listed in this section, as the system has to run fewer reports before refreshing the Application Migration consolidation report.

  2. Run the Basic inventory consolidation report from the SLA Platform interface, as shown below. Although it takes little longer but it refreshes Basic Inventory Consolidation report before refreshing Application Migration Consolidation report.

  3. Run a connector sync from the SLA Platform interface, as shown below. Please note that to create a connector you'll have to use Settings app in Tachyon portal. This takes the longest time before the Application Migration report is refreshed, as the connector sync also refreshes the most recent data from the corresponding Configuration Manager source.