New in 1E Catalog 2.0

This release introduces the following 1E Catalog features for customers using Tachyon 4.2 or later:

  • Support for EXE file mapping to multiple products - In real environments, different products may have executables with the same name. For example two products from the same company that work with both SQL Server and Oracle may use the same executable name. Previously 1E Catalog had a restriction that executables could only map to a single product, this restriction is now lifted.
  • Changes to 1E Catalog definitions are now tracked - when a change to a product occurs that requires a change to the 1E Catalog, the earlier entry is stored together with the change. This means that previous entries can now be easily updated to the new one. For example let's say there was a product where the vendor ACME Corporation had a title called E-Business Suite, 1.0.0, Professional edition. If ACME Corporation was acquired by Coyote Inc, this would require a change to the 1E Catalog showing the new vendor. In this case the previous ACME Corporation entry would be kept and associated with the new Coyote Inc. entry. The result is that any customers with software that matched the ACME Corporation product could then be automatically updated to the new Coyote Inc. product.
  • Installer enhancements:
    • AI model file download option is configurable during installation
    • Support for Network Service account. Please refer to Installation and upgrades: Service account for more details
    • 1E Catalog installer now supports TLS 1.2 using ADO.NET SQLClient. The previously used installer setting to enable TLS 1.2 support is no longer needed
    • Sysadmin is no longer a requirement for installation. Instead, the more specific roles of dbcreator and securityadmin are required by the installation account on the SQL instance where the 1E Catalog resides. Please refer to Installation and upgrades: Prerequisite Checks for more details.
  • Custom configuration changes are kept as part of the upgrade process - Any custom user entries in the Web.config and CatalogUpdateService.exe.config files are added back to the upgraded files during 1E Catalog upgrade. Though, it is still recommended that you make a backup of the config files before proceeding with the upgrade. Please refer to Installation and upgrades: Upgrade the 1E Catalog for more details.
  • Additional enhancements:
    • Hotfixes for 1E Catalog are now supported
    • 1E Catalog UI now sets Customer as the submission source instead of 1E for customer-curated data
    • UNSPSC Software Category is now passed from 1E Catalog to the SLA component in Tachyon 5.0 in a readable format
    • 1E Catalog now provides Latest Version information to SLA component in Tachyon 5.0 - this extra column is fetched from 1E Catalog during SLA normalization.

For customers who are using the early adopter AI features in SLA 3.3:

  • AI-Autocurated entries are no longer deleted following a 1E Catalog sync, resync or upgrade.

Features released in Catalog 1.2.100

This release introduced the following features:

  • Improvements to the Processor auto-curation feature. Please refer to The Catalog UI - Managing processors for more details
  • Support for early adopter AI prediction engine feature. For more details please refer to Synchronizing the 1E Catalog.
  • Processor auto-curation
  • Default resynchronization event window (7 days) can be customized to suite your environment
  • Enhancements:
    • simplified upgrade process – you no longer a need to uninstall and reinstall the Catalog when you carry out an upgrade
    • new naming convention and storage location for log files.

Features released in Catalog 1.1.100

This release introduced the following features:

  • Partial Version matching for incomplete Versions in input - this behind the scenes enhancement is to support a feature in SLA Platform 3.2 and requires no user interaction in 1E Catalog
  • Rulesets Schema and Normalization support in Catalog - this behind the scenes enhancement is to support a feature in SLA Platform 3.2 and requires no user interaction in 1E Catalog
  • Product Normalize Performance Improvements - this behind the scenes enhancement is to support a feature in SLA Platform 3.2 and requires no user interaction in 1E Catalog.

Features released in Catalog 1.1.0

Features released in Catalog 1.0.500

  • Installation time is significantly reduced and only takes few minutes. Previously it was taking around an hour to do a fresh installation upgrade.
  • Improvement to the Best Match API algorithm – accepts nulls, leading, trailing spaces and empty strings for Edition and IsLicenseRequired field.
  • Batching for monitoring cloud synchronization progress – you can monitor its batch processing status.
  • Cloud SSL support – you can use the HTTP or HTTPS protocol to communicate with the Catalog cloud.

Features released in Catalog 1.0.400

  • Changes in the way products with different part versions are handled to simplify the mapping process.
    • ensures that each major.minor version has a consistent number of parts to its version number
  • AppClarity entitlement SKU fields for:
    • License upgrade
    • Multi-instance rights
    • Secondary use rights.
  • A field for storing uninstall strings for products.
  • Edition downgrade feature for use with AppClarity.
  • Filesets are now linked to products.
  • Enhanced auto-curation on the basis of vendor and title with the new version.

Features released in Catalog 1.0

  • Opt-in for cloud catalog updates for site-defined catalog data.