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Page: 1E Companion Products
Summary A list of feature dependencies between 1E Catalog and other 1E companion products. To view the general platform related dependencies for 1E Catalog please refer to Supported Platforms. 1E companion products that depends on Supported versions of 1




Page: Communication Ports
Summary A diagram and tables with all the external Tachyon communication ports. Useful, if needed, for network and device firewalls. Please refer to Tachyon Architecture for architecture diagrams. Connections diagram Communication Ports Firewall requireme
Page: Configuring 1E Catalog
In this section How to administer 1E Catalog.




Page: Features by release
New in 1E Catalog 2.0 This release introduces the following 1E Catalog features for customers using Tachyon 4.2 or later: Support for EXE file mapping to multiple products - In real environments, different products may have executables with the same name.



Page: How to install 1E Catalog
How to quickly install 1E Catalog and verify the installation is successful. Preparation The following process is only supported for SLA Platform 3.3, or for a remote Catalog server that is part of a Tachyon 5.0 system To follow these steps successfully y
Page: How we manage versions
Previously, the catalog could have mixtures of two, three four and five part versions associated with products. This resulted in the same product having different part versions and made mapping more complicated than necessary. For example, if Adobe After


Page: Implementing 1E Catalog
In this section Essential information you'll need to know and consider when installing 1E Catalog in your environment. Preparation Requirements Installation and upgrades
Page: Index
Page: Installation and upgrades
Installing 1E Catalog Preparation The following methods are only supported for SLA Platform 3.3, or for a remote Catalog server that is part of a Tachyon 5.0 system: Using the interactive installation wizard Start a command prompt with elevated rights and
Page: Installer properties
Summary A list of Windows installer properties for the 1E Catalog installer. The installer file is: 1ECatalog.msi Make sure you complete all steps on the Preparation page before installation. See Installation and upgrades for more details about interactiv
Page: Introducing 1E Catalog 2.0
1E Catalog is a prerequisite for installing the SLA components of Tachyon. SLA uses 1E Catalog to normalize or match source inventory information, for example software devices and processors. 1E Catalog allows you to: Have a consistent view of your estate



Page: Known issues
Issues Notes Ref: Any Title of a Vendor with two different colloquial versions should not be allowed when other fields are same. There may be instances where a product has different colloquial versions for the same version such as Microsoft Excel 15.0 wit


Page: Licenses
These third-party licenses are used by the 1E Catalog: antlr 3 autofac bootstrap bouncy castle castle core commandlineparser Csv entityframework fluentassertion gensim joblib jquery keras knockoutjs log4net modernizr Newtonsoft.JSON nsubstitute
Page: Log files
Log file naming convention 1E Catalog writes to two log files during synchronization events: Log file Location Catalog.UpdateService.log %PROGRAMDATA%\1E\Catalog\ Catalog.Integration.UI.log %PROGRAMDATA%\1E\Catalog\ Catalog.UpdateService.log The main log





Page: Preparation
Installation order When installing or upgrading 1E Catalog on a Tachyon 4.x or later server, the only supported method is to use Tachyon Setup. Installation using a standalone MSI is not supported unless advised by 1E, which may be necessary in complex i


Page: Quick Start
This page provides quick installation and install verification steps for 1E Catalog. Installing the 1E Catalog How to install 1E Catalog For more details refer to How to install 1E Catalog. How to install 1E Catalog


Page: Rebuilding the 1E Catalog
You can rebuild your Catalog data by running a resynchronization event if you have admin privileges. By default, no one has admin access – you'll need to create an AD Group to manage who runs resynchronization events and accesses the admin menu item in th
Page: Reference
In this section Reference material for the 1E Catalog.
Page: Release notes
release notes – last updated These release notes contain late-breaking information about the Catalog. For the most up-to-date information, see the online release notes and known issues
Page: Requirements
Summary Information relating to implementing 1E Catalog in your organization. Supported Platforms Supported Platforms Windows Server roles and features Items in bold are included in the PowerShell script available for download from Preparation: Windows Se


Page: Supported Platforms
1E Catalog This table lists all the platforms supported by 1E Catalog, and the software required to allow 1E Catalog to be installed or to work. Category Product Notes OS SELECT '* ' + os + CHAR(10) FROM [release] AS r INNER JOIN [product] AS p ON r.produ
Page: Synchronizing the 1E Catalog
For each batch, the synchronization event writes the number of processed records to the log files. The options for 1E Catalog synchronization are: bi-directional synchronization (default) - pushes site-defined entries to the 1E Cloud Catalog for verificat


Page: The Catalog structure
The 1E Catalog stores the canonical representation of software products, devices and processors, and the match rules used to identify them from inventory sources. Products Products consist of software vendor, title, version and edition entries in the cat
Page: The Catalog UI
Products using the Catalog access it directly and many Catalog related operations are carried out within these companion products. There's also a Catalog UI where you can add: New software products New versions or editions to existing products The Catalog
Page: Troubleshooting
Summary A general methodology for investigating issues with the 1E Catalog, as well as identifying key issues and their resolutions. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Log files


Page: Upgrade issues
Upgrade hangs when connecting to the database During the upgrade, you may see the following error – this is because the Catalog installer tries to get a direct lock on the 1E Catalog database to perform the upgrade. If the Catalog installer is unable to d
Page: Using 1E Catalog
In this section How to use the Catalog.



Home page: Welcome
To help you get up and running quickly, we've organized the documentation into the following sections: Introducing the Catalog – if you're new to or just want a quick refresh, we recommend you read this section. Implementation – everything you need to kno