1E Catalog is a prerequisite for installing the SLA components of Tachyon. SLA uses 1E Catalog to normalize or match source inventory information, for example software devices and processors.

1E Catalog allows you to:

  • Have a consistent view of your estate
  • Uniquely identify software products deployed in your estate
  • Identify device types (laptop, desktop, virtual machine), operating system, device family, device manufacturer and maximum number of processors
  • Normalize processor information like processor model, processor family, vendor name, and number of cores of processors running on your devices
  • Define and apply bundling rules to identify suites and their components
  • Define and apply entitlement rights, such asĀ  version upgrade/downgrade, edition downgrade, and software assurance rights which are used during license demand and compliance calculations
  • Apply autofill entitlement information using software SKU.