Installation order

When installing or upgrading 1E Catalog on a Tachyon 4.x or later server, the only supported method is to use Tachyon Setup.  Installation using a standalone MSI is not supported unless advised by 1E, which may be necessary in complex installations, using non-interactive (quiet/silent) command-lines, and may require post-install configuration steps. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - Tachyon Setup for installing 1E Catalog on a Tachyon 5.0 server.

When installing or upgrading 1E Catalog on a SLA Platform 3.3 server, ensure you use the correct version of 1E Catalog before you install any of its companion products. In particular, SLA needs to refer to an existing 1E Catalog implementation during its own installation. Please refer to 1E Companion Products for details of correct versions.

Active Directory Requirements

Accounts needed to install 1ECatalog

Before installing 1E Catalog you need to have prepared the following accounts:

Installer account
  • Must be a domain account with local admin rights on the 1E Catalog web server
  • Must have a SQL Login with a minimum of dbcreator and securityadmin rights to the SQL instance hosting the 1E Catalog database, to create the database and roles.
  • If you are upgrading the installer account must also be db_owner for the existing 1E Catalog database.
Service Account

You have two options for the Service Account:

  1. Specify a user account, in which case the following apply:
    • The account name and its password will be specified in the 1E Catalog installer
    • Must be a domain user account
    • Must have Log on as a service permissions on the 1E Catalog web server (this is granted automatically during installation if the installer account has local admin rights).
  1. Use Network Service account. This is the default account used for 1E Catalog 2.0 when installed by Tachyon 4.2 and later.

In both cases the following apply:

  • The installer creates the RoleCatalogUser role in the 1ECatalog database and adds the service account to the role
  • Must have the following NTFS security permissions on the 1E Catalog web server, which are granted to the users localgroup as default:
    • Read permissions to %PROGRAMFILES%\1E
    • Modify permissions to %PROGRAMDATA%\1E

AD Security Group

To rebuild your Catalog data by running a re-synchronization event, you'll need administrative access

We recommend using an AD security group for any users who will do this and who will have access to the Admin menu item in the Catalog UI. By default, no-one has administrative access.

If needed, you can also grant administrative access to individual domain user accounts.

You will need to update update the web.config with the name of the AD Group or user.

On this page:

Proxy servers and whitelisting

Ensure the following URL is whitelisted:

This URL must be accessible during setup and running of 1E Catalog. This enables the Catalog Update service to connect to the 1E Cloud Catalog and download the latest catalog entries.

1E Catalog may need additional configuration to support proxy servers, but this depends on the configuration you have in your current environment. Please contact 1E Support if you need help doing this.

Server Provisioning

1E Catalog 2.0 is designed to work with Tachyon 5.0.

You have the following options to install or upgrade 1E Catalog 2.0:

  • 1E Catalog on the same server as Tachyon - please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - Implementing Tachyon regarding installation of Tachyon with 1E Catalog.
  • 1E Catalog and Tachyon are on separate servers - you must provision the following servers, you can combine them onto a single server if necessary:

IIS web server

  • To host the Catalog UI, API and Catalog update service
  • To host other 1E products including the SLA Platform and its locally installed consumers:
    • AppClarity (version 6 onwards)
    • Application Migration (AppMigration)
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • see Windows Server roles and features below
  • see Requirements for details of supported platforms and software versions.

SQL Server

  • SQL Server (Database Engine) - required to host the 1ECatalog database
  • the 1ECatalog database should ideally be hosted on the same SQL instance as other 1E databases, to improve performance, and simplify security and firewall configuration
  • the SQL instance can be local or remote to the web server
  • databases must be configured to use a case-insensitive, accent-sensitive collation - the preferred collation is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, which is also the default.
  • see Requirements for details of supported platforms and software versions.

Windows Server roles and features

Refer to Requirements: Windows Server roles and features for more details.

Download RolesInstall.ps1...

Configure IIS using PowerShell
Import-Module ServerManager

Get-WindowsFeature | Out-file $PSScriptRoot\ServerManager-1.txt -Append
Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server,
# Web-Basic-Auth,

Uninstall-WindowsFeature Web-DAV-Publishing
Get-WindowsFeature | Out-file $PSScriptRoot\ServerManager-2.txt -Append

You can remove MSMQ if not installing ActiveEfficiency server.

When running the above command, if you receive an error that contains The source files could not be downloaded you will need to supply the source path to your Windows Server OS installation media \Sources\sxs folder.

Append -source X:\Sources\sxs or -source \\Server\Path\Source\sxs to the command line, adjusted for your drive letter or UNC path.

PowerShell always uses 45 in the names of .NET Framework features irrespective of the actual version of .NET Framework 4.X installed on the server. That is 4.6.2 in Windows Server 2016 and 4.7.2 in Windows Server 2019. You can install later versions manually either before or after enabling features.

For details of .NET Framework versions, please refer to

If you prefer to use the Add Roles and Features Wizard to manually enable features then you can use the Display Names listed in the table Requirements: Windows Server roles and features.

If TLS 1.0 is disabled

Earlier versions of 1E Catalog required special configuration when TLS 1.0 was disabled. From 1E Catalog 2.0 and later TLS 1.2 is supported without any further configuration.

Enabling AI Powered Auto-curation downloads

Tachyon 5.0 supports a new AI Powered Auto-curation feature that automatically recognizes software without the need to first create mapping rules in the 1E Catalog. This means you can have greater visibility of software installed across your organization. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - AI Powered Auto-curation for more details.

1E Catalog 2.0 can be configured to download the files related to this feature. It can be configured either:

You should only enable this download if you are intending to use 1E Catalog with SLA provided in Tachyon 5.0 or later.

Some of the benefits of using AI Powered Auto-curation are that you can:

  • Achieve significantly more normalized software from the first sync
  • Reduce the manual effort required to normalize software
  • Get an expanded SAM offering as more data is available for AppClarity
  • Get additional coverage for Application Migration
  • Identify more software to review for security threats.

The feature uses model files that govern its behavior and, when the option is enabled in the 1E Catalog installer, these are downloaded from the 1E Cloud when SLA is first run after installation and updated whenever a new version is made available.


In order to use the AI Powered Auto-curation feature you will need to have:

  • Tachyon 5.0 or later installed. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - Installing and upgrading for more details on installing Tachyon 5.0.
  • 5GB of available disk space on the computer hosting 1E Catalog for the initial download of the AI model files.
  • Around 5GB of additional available disk space on the computer hosting 1E Catalog for each subsequent update for the AI model files. The AI model files may vary in size in future updates. Currently, the previous version of the AI model files will not be deleted when the newer version is downloaded. You can safely remove the previously downloaded older versions by hand when newer versions become available to free up disk space.
  • The AI Powered Auto-curation feature also has some extra memory requirements. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - AI Powered Auto-curation: Increase in memory requirements for SLA for more details.

The files will be downloaded to the following directory: