This page provides quick installation and install verification steps for 1E Catalog. 

Installing the 1E Catalog

How to quickly install 1E Catalog and verify the installation is successful.

When installing or upgrading 1E Catalog on a Tachyon 4.x or later server, the only supported method is to use Tachyon Setup.  Installation using a standalone MSI is not supported unless advised by 1E, which may be necessary in complex installations, using non-interactive (quiet/silent) command-lines, and may require post-install configuration steps. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - Tachyon Setup for installing 1E Catalog on a Tachyon 5.0 server.

When installing or upgrading 1E Catalog on a SLA Platform 3.3 server, ensure you use the correct version of 1E Catalog before you install any of its companion products. In particular, SLA needs to refer to an existing 1E Catalog implementation during its own installation. Please refer to 1E Companion Products for details of correct versions.

The following process is only supported for SLA Platform 3.3, or for a remote Catalog server that is part of a Tachyon 5.0 system

To follow these steps successfully you should have appropriately configured your:

  • Installation account
  • Service accounts

And you are logged on using the installation account.

For more details refer to  How to install 1E Catalog.