Upgrade hangs when connecting to the database

During the upgrade, you may see the following error – this is because the Catalog installer tries to get a direct lock on the 1E Catalog database to perform the upgrade. If the Catalog installer is unable to do so, the database script will timeout causing the installer to fail and roll back any changes it has made.

1E Catalog Installer Information 

For a successful upgrade, all the providers that connect to the Catalog database must be stopped prior to running the installer.

If you have closed all connections to the Catalog database and the installer is still timing out during the installation, use SQL Management Studio to determine what connections are still active and close them, to do this:

  1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the database instance hosting the 1E Catalog database.
  2. Run this query against the master database – the results will show every connection to all databases on the server.

    exec sp_who2
  3. Look for rows that have a DBName of 1ECatalogIf there is record, you will be able to identify the application and the account it's using for the connection.

    In this example, the 1E Catalog Website is running and the application accessing the site. We can see the Catalog service account is being used through the EntityFramework program (which is part of .Net used to display the webpage).

  4. When you close these applications, the 1E Catalog installer should then be able to complete successfully.

Upgrade fails when the installer attempts to access the 1E Catalog database

During the first installation of 1E Catalog, the installer account will be set as db_owner for the 1E Catalog database. When upgrading using the same installation account there should be no issues related to updating the 1E Catalog database. However, if you use a different installation account you will need to ensure that the new account also has db_owner permissions on the 1E Catalog database prior to running the installer. If this is not the case you will see an error similar to the following and the installation process will fail: