This custom task sequence can be used in the following instances:

  • In conjunction with the pre-stage content using Nomad action to avoid making a local copy of the Nomad share.
  • It is used during the provisioning phase, prior to any package being installed, to enable classic packages to run from the DP. This is so that SMSNomad.exe can be used as an alternative download provider during OSD.
When the Run from distribution point property is no longer required, remove it using the Disable Run from distribution point custom task sequence.

When run, this task:
  1. Sets the task sequence to run from the DP.
This task sequence action:
  • Only applies to OSD task sequences and should be run prior to installing classic packages using the SMSNomad.exe command
  • Can be run anywhere in the task sequence after the Restart in Windows PE action, that would be used as part of a Refresh OS Deployment task sequence
  • Must have the Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points option enabled for classic packages that are set to Run from the DP

Configurable parameters

ParameterDefault valueDescription
NameEnable Run from DPThe name for the custom task sequence action.
DescriptionAction to Enable Run from the DPThe description for the custom task sequence action.