Tools that can help troubleshoot or configure Nomad.

Please also refer to Nomad command-line switches.

For Nomad OSD Tools, please refer to Installing Nomad tools for operating system deployment.

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The Download Monitor

The Download Monitor tool (also known as NomadBranchGUI) is useful for administrators to troubleshooting downloads as they view the status of downloads on local and remote Nomad client computers.

The Nomad Baseline Wizard

The Nomad Baseline Wizard is used to create a Configuration Manager Baseline from the Configuration Manager console for settings related to Nomad.


The downloaded content in the Nomad cache consume disk space therefore management of the cache is critical. Because files may be re-used and distributed to other devices on the same subnet or site, the simple solution of deleting the files as soon as they have finished downloading and executing is not sufficient. Instead Nomad has a sophisticated cache cleaner utility that automatically but intelligently maintains control over the cache's disk usage.