Determines how the Nomad cache is accessed. See Peer access to the Nomad cache for more details.
Registry valueDefault valueNotesInstaller property


The default (Hex 0x0009) configures P2P to use SMB and Net Literal Names.

You can set more than one option at the same time by combining the bit values. See the table below for details.

We recommend restarting the Nomad Branch service when you modify this parameter.
00x00011(Default) Use the SMB protocol to share its own cache, and create the NomadSHR file share upon the start of the Nomad service, unless the CustomShare option has been enabled in SpecialNetShare. When P2PEnabled is set in addition to Bit 5 (use HTTP) or Bit 6 (use HTTPS), Nomad will attempt to use HTTPS/HTTP and will fall-back to SMB if HTTPS/HTTP is unavailable on other peers. To disable SMB P2P, set this bit to 0.
10x00022Enable connectionless P2P server.
20x00044Enable connectionless P2P client.
30x00088(Default) Use Net Literal Names when connecting to P2P shares. This causes Nomad to use the Nomad master's IP address when connecting to the share and is recommended when running wirelessly.
40x001016Use FQDN when connecting to P2P shares. Recommended when using a multi-forest environment where computers from different forests may be present in the same subnet. This requires that reverse lookup for IP addresses is correctly configured and running. If this is not available Nomad will revert to using the IP address for connecting to the P2P shares.
50x002032Use the HTTP protocol to share its own cache and access other caches.
60x004064Use the HTTPS protocol to share its own cache and access other caches.