Checking the request history in 1E Service Catalog Connect.The 1E Service Catalog Connect app allows an end user in ServiceNow to invoke the 1E Windows Servicing Assistant via Tachyon. 1E Service Catalog Connect keeps a history of requests by the user. The history includes:

  • WSA requests from 1E Service Catalog Connect
  • The option to invoke the WSA Wizard
On this page:

Viewing the Request History

A 1E Service Catalog Connect user can view their request history on the 1E Service Catalog Connect→My Requests page. This lets them review the details for all the instructions run in 1E Service Catalog Connect.

1E Service Catalog Connect App role required to view the requests history

To access the My Requests page a ServiceNow user must have the following role:

  • x_1e_service_catal.shopping_user.

Viewing the details for all the requests in 1E Service Catalog Connect

Users can view details for all the requests they have submitted in the 1E Service Catalog Connect app:

  1. Log into ServiceNow
  2. Navigate to 1E Service Catalog Connect→My Requests
  3. The list of requests are displayed in the right-hand pane.
  4. To view the details for a particular request click on the request id link in the Number column. Doing this displays the Requested Item page for the selected instruction.

The Requested Item page

The Requested Item page displays the following information:

Field NameDescription
NumberA unique number assigned to every request record.
ItemCatalog Item's name.


The most recent recorded stage of the WSA wizard.
RequestUnique Request number.
Requested forThe user for whom the request was invoked.
Opened byThe user that opened the request.
Due dateWhen it will be completed.
QuantityAlways 1.
Launch WSA Wizard buttonThe user can launch the WSA Wizard. Users normally launch the wizard when requesting the item but if they forgot or it must be re-launched, they can do so here.