You can display details for applications in the Shopping Web. As an administrator, you can configure how information is displayed to a user.

To do this:

  1. In the Administration tab, click Home.
  2. From the list of application cards, choose the one you want to edit and click its title. In our example, we chose Adobe Dreamweaver.
     Editing the details for an applictaion
  3. On the application details screen, you can add additional properties for the application which are managed by tabs (plain text or HTML and picture gallery). In our example, the Overview text tab contains HTML – you are restricted to 100,000 characters in a text tab.
    Text tab for Adobe Dreamweaver 
  4. If you wanted to add a new picture gallery, click Add New Tab:
    Adding a gallery tab
    1. In Tab Title, enter a logical name for it – mandatory field and must always be populated.
    2. In Content Type, choose Picture Gallery – at least one images must be uploaded to the gallery. If you are added a text tab, the text area cannot be empty.
    3. In Upload, click Browse to search for the images you want for the gallery.
    4. Click SAVE. If you want to delete the tab, click DELETE,