Application requests going to the wrong client

Depending on which component is installed and working, this is the fallback behavior for the Shopping Website when it attempts to get information from the local computer:

  1. It tries to access the Shopping Agent Web service – it has the widest support across existing and more recent browser releases.
  2. If for any reason the Web service is not available, and the browser supports ActiveX or NPAPI, it will try to access the Shopping Client Identity component.
  3. If both the above fails, it will use the IP Address and reverse DNS lookup to identify the machine so that details may be retrieved from Configuration Manager.

So, if the application request is not going to the right machine, you may want to:

  1. Check for Reverse DNS Lookup issues and incorrect PTR records in the Active directory as they are the most probable causes for this to happen.
  2. Check if there are multiple SMS GUIDs for the same machine in ConfigMgr.
  3. Always ensure that latest version of 1E Shopping Agent is installed and configured correctly on all client machines. 
  4. Check the 1E ShoppingAgent.log on the client machine, typically locate in C:\ProgramData\1E\ShoppingAgent for further details