For optimum performance, we recommend the following:

Single-server deploymentDistributed server deployment

Maximum number of machines5,00025,00050,000100,000200,000500,000
Benchmark configuration
Number of Shopping applications2005001,0001,0002,0002,000
Maximum user logons per hour5002,0004,0005,00010,00020,000
Maximum shopping requests per hour2501,0002,0002,5005,00010,000
Combined Application Server (total including SQL Server)
CPU cores (total)4
RAM (total)6 GB
ActiveEfficiency Server (total)ActiveEfficiency Server (total)
CPU cores334568
RAM1.5 GB4 GB5 GB5.5 GB6 GB12 GB
ActiveEfficiency Server service
CPU cores223444
RAM1.25 GB1.5 GB2 GB2 GB2 GB3 GB
ActiveEfficiency Scout
CPU cores1 (50%)11124
RAM250 MB1 GB1 GB1.5 GB2 GB6 GB
Shopping Server serviceShopping Server (total)
CPU cores133468
RAM600 MB4 GB4 GB6 GB8 GB16 GB
Database Server (total)Database Server (total)
CPU cores (total)1234710
RAM (total)3 GB4 GB7 GB9 GB11 GB16 GB
SQL Server instance max memory (total)1 GB2 GB3 GB5 GB7 GB12 GB
Disk space for database (total)4.16 GB4.25 GB4.5 GB5.5 GB6 GB8 GB
ActiveEfficiency database
CPU cores1 (60%)11112
SQL Server instance max memory625 MB1.5 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB8 GB
Disk space for database4.1 GB4.1 GB4.1 GB4.2 GB4.3 GB4.8 GB
Shopping database
CPU cores1 (40%)12368
SQL Server instance max memory400 MB500 MB1 GB2 GB3 GB4 GB
Disk space for database60 MB138 MB257 MB1.3 GB1.7 GB3.2 GB
Database sizes
ActiveEfficiency database MDF90 MB250 MB450 MB800 MB1.4 GB4 GB
ActiveEfficiency database LDF50 MB50 MB85 MB150 MB250 MB750 MB
ActiveEfficiency database TempDB MDF8 MB8 MB8 MB8 MB8 MB8 MB
ActiveEfficiency database TempDB LDF1 MB1 MB1 MB1 MB1 MB1 MB
Shopping database MDF22 MB60 MB118 MB1052 MB1076 MB1230 MB
Shopping database LDF10 MB17 MB22 MB43 MB112 MB668 MB
Shopping database TempDB MDF8 MB11 MB20 MB36 MB75 MB246 MB
Shopping database TempDB LDF10 MB50 MB97 MB190 MB371 MB1057 MB


  • Servers can be deployed either on physical or virtual machines. For deployment on a virtual machine, assign the CPU cores at 100% virtual machine reserve
  • If network usage during the synchronization is a concern, for environments with 25,000 or more computers, we suggest a dedicated 1Gbps standard Ethernet connection between the servers (Scout, ActiveEfficiency and the Shopping server), with each server being multi-homed (i.e. 2 x NICs) so that the Shopping synchronization traffic between the servers can travel over this dedicated network and not compete for bandwidth
  • Database server:
    • We recommend you deploy data, logs and TempDB on separate physical disks
    • The database RAM recommendations are strictly for the maximum server memory to be allocated to the database instance and an additional 2 GB RAM is required for the operating system
    • Configure SQL Server with maximum server memory limit and not at the defaults to consume unlimited memory
    • Assuming there are in total 100k users and machines across the estate, the database growth on an average is about 7.5 MB for ActiveEfficiency Database for every 1000 devices and users added to the system. Note that the actual growth can vary depending on other factors.
  • ActiveEfficiency Scout is only required for AppClarity and Shopping. If ActiveEfficiency is not being used for AppClarity, then run the ActiveEfficiency Scout sync in its alternate mode to minimize the amount of data to what is required by Shopping. Scout mode is configured using the 1E ActiveEfficiency Sync Manager tool.