Welcome screens are ideal for capturing the user's attention for promotions or lead-in to the Shopping web. We've enabled a customizable Welcome screen for the Shopping web with the following behaviors:

  • Show the Welcome screen every time a user logs in
  • Show the Welcome screen for the first time only when a user logs in
  • Never show the Welcome screen

Users have to acknowledge the Welcome screen (click OK) before they can begin to shop.

Splash screen configuration

To configure the behavior of the Welcome screen:

  1. Start the Shopping Admin Console.
  2. In the Database Explorer panel on the left, choose Settings.
  3. In the left panel, expand Web Application.
    Setting the properties for SpashMessage 
  4. Set Use SplashMessage to one of:
    • NeverAppear
    • AppearFirstTimeOnLogin
    • AppearEveryTimeOnLogin

Setting the Welcome message

The content of the Welcome message is stored in a file that uses simple HTML. The following values can be modified in locale-specific ShoppingWebStrings.resx files. You must restart the Shopping website for any RESX changes to take effect.

Name of text stringDefault valueNotes
SplashMessageTitleWelcome to 1E ShoppingThe default title is different for each language.
OKOKThe default button text is different for each language.
SplashMessagePath../SplashMessage.htmlPath and filename of the HTML content for the Welcome message. The default location <INSTALLDIR>\WebSite\Shopping\SplashMessage.html. Each local-specific RESX uses the same default file, but can be modified to use its own custom file. The path must begin with a ../ to locate a file in the Website\Shopping folder.

Database behavior

There's now a new table in the Shopping database for the Welcome screen:

tb_UserAttributesUserAttributeIdPrimary key.
UserIdForeign key from tb_User table.
IsConfigMessageShownWelcome screen is displayed if User SplashMessage = AppearEveryTimeOnLogin or AppearFirstTimeOnLogin.

This table updates as follows:

User SplashMessage conditionUser actionTable behaviorColumnValue
User SplashMessage = NeverAppearInitial loginNo row created  
User SplashMessage = AppearEveryTimeOnLogin or AppearFirstTimeOnLoginInitial loginIf row does not exist, create rowIsConfigMessageShownTRUE