Welcome to the SLA Platform 3.3 documentation space. Here we describe all aspects of configuring and using SLA (Software Lifecycle Automation). Here's a quick overview of what the SLA documentation pages will tell you:

Introducing SLA Platform

If you're new to SLA Platform or just want a quick introduction, we recommend you read this section to give you an insight to what it is.

  • SLA Platform ArchitectureA description of each of the SLA Platform components, and its locally installed consumer applications.

Implementing SLA Platform

  • PreparationWhat you will need to prepare in advance of implementing a SLA Platform server in your network. Typically these are tasks that may take some time to organize, depending on how your organization works.
  • PrerequisitesInformation that will help you design and plan the implementation of SLA Platform in your organization. This includes all the prerequisites and dependencies, which are necessary to install SLA Platform.
  • Installing and upgradingInstructions for installing, verifying and upgrading SLA Platform.

Working with the SLA platform

This section will provide guidance in how to configure and use the SLA Platform.

Working with consumer applications

Link to consumer applications that can be deployed on the SLA Platform 3.3.



All the list type information, such as installer properties, in alphabetical lists etc.

  • Supported PlatformsA list of all the platforms supported by SLA Platform and the software required to allow SLA Platform to be installed and work correctly.
  • 1E Companion ProductsA list of the feature dependencies between SLA Platform and other 1E companion products.
  • Server SizingServer sizing guidelines and recommended configurations for on-premises installation in customer environments.
  • Communication PortsA diagram and list of all the external communication ports used by the SLA Platform and local installed consumer applications. Useful, if needed, for configuring network and device firewalls.
  • Installer propertiesA list of the Windows installer properties for the SLA Platform installer.
  • Secondary App Rules
  • Software ReclaimerThe Software Reclaimer is an executable that is run on client machines and is responsible for implementing reclaim policies provided by AppClarity 6. It can be distributed to machines using Configuration Manager.
  • Product Details tableThe table column headings and descriptions for the Product Details table.
  • By Device tableThe table column headings and descriptions for the By Device table.
  • Auto-curation and Partial Matching
  • Naming conventionsSuggested naming conventions for repositories, connectors, and schedules.
  • Reports
  • Inventory import filesDefinitions of each type of inventory record that may be imported into SLA Platform.
  • Usage categories
  • Release notes