All the list type information, such as installer properties, in alphabetical lists etc.

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Supported Platforms

A list of all the platforms supported by Tachyon, and the software required to allow Tachyon to be installed or to work.

1E Companion Products

A list of the feature dependencies between Tachyon and other 1E companion products.

Server Sizing

Server sizing guidelines and recommended configurations for on-premises installation in customer environments.

Communication Ports

A diagram and a table with a list of all the external Tachyon communication ports. Useful, if needed, for network and device firewalls.

Tachyon Server installer properties

A table of the Windows Installer properties for the Tachyon Server.

Tachyon Agent installer and configuration properties

Properties available in the Tachyon Agent configuration file, with details of which properties are mandatory or optional during installation, and which properties can be re-configured post-installation.

Tachyon Agent command-line parameters

Command-line parameters available to the Tachyon Agent executable.

Devices dashboard filters and charts

Details of the filters and charts available on the Devices dashboard.

Responses Summary tab information

Details of the information displayed on the Responses page Summary tab.

Coverage parameters

Details of the parameters available when setting the coverage for a question or action.

Tachyon Explorer comparison operators

Details of the operators available when configuring comparisons for different data types, for example question coverage parameters.

Switch Command Lines

Details of command line parameters used by the SwitchCommandLine entry in the Tachyon Switch Host 's Tachyon.Switch.Host.exe.config file.

Tachyon Log Files

Details of Tachyon Server and Agent log files.


A glossary of Tachyon terminology.

Tachyon release information

Details of the Tachyon release history, current release notes and details of third-party licenses.

  • Tachyon features by releaseA list of the Tachyon features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.
  • Licenses

This is an alphabetically sorted list of all the pages in the Tachyon documentation, which you can use if you want to find a particular named page and you don't remember where exactly it lives in the documentation structure.