A list of the Tachyon features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

New features in Tachyon 3.3

  • Management groups - extends RBAC permissions so that user roles can have management groups assigned as well as instructions sets. This means, for example, business unit administrators can only send certain instructions to devices they manage.

  • Integration of WakeUp into Tachyon Agent - WakeUp integrates with either the NightWatchman Management Center or with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager and provides the ability to power on computers from a power off state over a network. The WakeUp Agent module can now be enabled as part of the Tachyon Agent installation.
  • System Information View - this page in the Tachyon Explorer Configuration section displays information about how the components of the Tachyon system have been configured.
  • Tachyon enhancements  - a number of enhancements have been made to Tachyon to improve usability in key areas:
    • New GUID generation mechanism to support WakeUp integration
    • Support of "Export all results" from Status tab
    • Various new/enhancements to methods on existing modules (as documented in the SDK)
    • Switch logging rewritten and can be configured to use log levels and log areas 
    • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Compliance

Tachyon 3.2

  • Instruction Set management improvements - a streamlined process for loading Instructions into Tachyon and organizing them into Instruction Sets is now available in Tachyon 3.2.
  • Improved Tachyon installation experience - the Tachyon Setup utility has been improved to provide automatic prerequisite checking, certificate file generation and post-installation checks
  • Instruction scheduling management improvements - the Instruction scheduling management dialogs have been enhanced making it easier to define schedules to run Tachyon Instructions over days, weeks and months
  • Tachyon Agent installer - now includes a Shopping module adding WSA (Remote Worker) and Shopping Agent features into the Tachyon Agent. You can also install the Tachyon Agent without configuring a connection to the Tachyon Server, for those instances where you are using Shopping but not Tachyon.
  • Process stabilization statistics added to Agent Historic Data Capture to gather information on the time it takes for processes to achieve a state of stable resource usage
  • Support for Tachyon Powered Inventory - Two new Tachyon Agent inventory methods have been added to capture process and user usage statistics - these are needed to support the AppClarity Tachyon Powered Inventory feature.
  • Tachyon enhancements and optimizations - a number of enhancements have been made to Tachyon to improve performance in key areas:
    • Switch connection optimizations around change of network and change of power state
    • Various new/enhancements to methods on existing modules (as documented in the SDK)
    • Support for in-memory caching of downloaded resource files
    • Instruction search uses “most frequently used”-style search rankings (i.e. more frequently used instructions appear nearer to the top of the search results)
    • Improved support for large text content in responses, the content can now be displayed in its own scrollable dialog as well as downloaded as a file in the browser
    • The Instrumentation and Workflow services have been merged into a single Coordinator service

The Tachyon App, also known as Tachyon Auth mobile app, is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Tachyon. As a consequence, the Registered mobile phones administration page is also deprecated.

Tachyon 3.1

  • Scheduling instructions - Tachyon now lets you schedule when instructions are run, supporting deferral to enable instructions to be run out of hours, or repetition of instructions for regular maintenance and routine tasks.
  • Instruction Sets - you can now organize Tachyon Instructions into Instruction Sets in the Tachyon Administration Console, increasing flexibility when defining permissions for instructions.
  • Enhanced Instruction security - using TIMS you now need to digitally sign Instruction Definition files ensuring that the integrity of any Instruction Definition that you import into Tachyon is guaranteed and has not been tampered with.
  • Data export to Syslog format - Tachyon responses export has been extended to enable exports to the commonly used Syslog format.
  • Integration with ServiceNow - ServiceNow is a cloud-based PaaS focused on incident management. Tachyon ServiceNow integration lets you use your incident management system as an alternative to Tachyon's approval mechanism for Tachyon Instructions.
  • Increased cross-platform Agent functionality - the Tachyon Agent methods and the non-Windows Tachyon agents have been enhanced to provide greater cross-platform support for instructions.
  • Installer enhancements - the user-experience in the Tachyon Server installer has been improved.
  • New licensing model - a new file-based licensing model has been introduced in Tachyon 3.1. This new license type enables licensing for specific instructions as well as the current seat-based license.
  • NightWatchman integration - by integrating with Tachyon the NightWatchman Management Console can now accurately display the online status for the devices running NightWatchman and Tachyon. Please refer to NightWatchman Enterprise and Tachyon in the NightWatchman Enterprise 7.2 documentation for details.
  • Nomad integration - Nomad downloads can now be paused using an instruction in the 1E-Nomad product pack. This enables organizations, using Configuration Manager and Nomad, to quickly delay the broadcast of packages if they are deemed to be at risk until any problems have been resolved. Please refer to Nomad Download Pause in the Nomad 6.3 documentation for details.

Tachyon 3.0

Tachyon 2.0

Tachyon 1.51

  • Support for Cryptographic Next Generation certificates

  • Ability to upload multiple product packs at once in Tachyon Explorer

  • Improved version and error reporting support in Consumer API

  • Agent support for querying HKEY_USER registry data

  • Agent Extensibility updates can be issued by Agent version number

  • Improved support for follow-on instructions targeting a list of device FQDNs
  • New-look email template for approval workflow

Earlier Tachyon features

  • Upgrade to latest version of OpenSSL v1.0.2h

  • Security to enforce client certificates

  • Extended properties for defining Coverage Tags

  • Instruction impact assessment
  • Questions, responses, coverage and filters
  • Refine answers with further questions
  • Running actions
  • Installing and viewing Product Packs
  • Checking inventory and connectivity
  • Configuring Role-Based Access
  • Extended RBAC API extensions for other consumers
  • Consumer API versioning 
  • Using Instrumentation
  • Exporting results to CSV
  • Monitoring events on Tachyon Agent devices
  • Tagging of Tachyon Agent devices
  • Targeting questions to a list of FQDNs
  • Filtering of responses to questions from Tachyon Agent devices
  • Support for targeting FQDN lists for follow-on instructions
  • Improved handling of Agent online/offline device status
  • Tachyon Server installer supports upgrade, from v1.3
  • Tachyon Server installer assigns only Security Administrator role to default user