Tachyon 3.3 Release Notes – last updated 

These notes contain late-breaking information about Tachyon that you need to have to successfully install and use the product.  For the most up-to-date information please see the online readme. You should read these release notes and the online documentation for Tachyon thoroughly before installing the software.

New features in Tachyon 3.3

  • Management groups - extends RBAC permissions so that user roles can have management groups assigned as well as instructions sets. This means, for example, business unit administrators can only send certain instructions to devices they manage.

  • Integration of WakeUp into Tachyon Agent - WakeUp integrates with either the NightWatchman Management Center or with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager and provides the ability to power on computers from a power off state over a network. The WakeUp Agent module can now be enabled as part of the Tachyon Agent installation.
  • System Information View - this page in the Tachyon Explorer Configuration section displays information about how the components of the Tachyon system have been configured.
  • Tachyon enhancements  - a number of enhancements have been made to Tachyon to improve usability in key areas:
    • New GUID generation mechanism to support WakeUp integration
    • Support of "Export all results" from Status tab
    • Various new/enhancements to methods on existing modules (as documented in the SDK)
    • Switch logging rewritten and can be configured to use log levels and log areas 
    • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Compliance

Online help

Tachyon comes with online help that shows you how to install, configure and use the product. Click the following link to view the help:

For support queries, please

Known issues

The current known issues related to the installation and running of Tachyon can be found in the Troubleshooting Known issues page of the Tachyon documentation.

Tachyon Release History

Web Release-3.3.0 (19-OCT-2018)

  Tachyon Windows Agent Tachyon Non-Windows Agent ( updated tachyon.agent-MacOSX_v3.3.0.1047.pkg)  Tachyon Android Agent 

  • Integration of WakeUp Agent into Tachyon Agent
  • Support of Management Groups
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Compliance
  • Support for CM1806
  • Addition of System Information View in the Explorer Administration pages 
  • Support of "Export all results" from Status tab
  • Switch logging rewritten and set using log levels and log areas 
  • Improvements to Tachyon Setup to retain previous configurations during an upgrade
  • New GUID generation mechanism in the Tachyon Agent
  • Agent language generalized function to support resolution of environment variables
  • Agent language enhancements; IF statement and controlled exits 
  • Agent - FindFileBySizeAndHash method extended to accept different hash algorithms
  • Agent - Addition of new FileContent.AppendText, FileContent.WriteText, NativeServices.EnumerateWmiSchema and Scripting.RunText Agent methods
  • Agent - JSON accepts non-array results
  • Agent - OperatingSystem.ControlService extended to have a restart option
  • Agent - Add support for the Agent to launch a process as the current logged on user
  • Agent - Addition of SQL COMPAREVERSIONS function

Contained fixes - Tachyon Server:

  • Q20164 - "Export all results" from Status tab is unavailable even after the instruction is completed

Contained fixes - Tachyon Agent:

  • Q20148 - Agent - Remove enrolment check as part of client certificate validation
  • Q20091 - Discrepancies between the Process and ProcessUsage tables
  • Q20084 - Tachyon Agent uses excessive of CPU/RAM
  • Q20052 - Use new In-place Upgrade AppMigration API for WSA In-place Upgrades
  • The Tachyon macOS Agent failed to read all the root certificates from the macOS keystore. (tachyon.agent-MacOSX_v3.3.0.1047.pkg)

Web Release-3.2.0 (31-May-2018)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent Tachyon Non-Windows Agent

  • Tachyon Agent Package (Mac) upgraded to  v3.2.0.641 to address issue with Software.GetInstallations() method being reported as "Not implemented/supported" on Mac
  • Integration of WSA (Remote Worker) and Shopping Agent into new Tachyon Agent Shopping module
  • Tachyon Agent inventory methods to capture process and user usage - required for Tachyon-SLA integration
  • Extend Nomad COM API support for WSA
  • Agent can be installed without requiring connection to Tachyon server infrastructure
  • Switch connection optimizations around change of network and change of power state
  • Various new/enhancements to methods on existing modules (documented in SDK)
  • Process Stabilization statistics support (also available in v3.1 as a hotfix)
  • Support for in-memory caching of downloaded resource files
  • Passive Scan of Terminal Server/Client connection history, Mapped drive history, Print Servers/Clients (Windows only)
  • Active Scan of ARP cache data, port scanning, reverse lookups
  • Addition of Tachyon Instruction Management Studio installers
  • Support for CM1706 , CM1802 , Windows 10 1709 and Windows 10 1803
  • Tachyon Setup utility now provides a wrapper around the Tachyon Server MSI, giving an improved installation/upgrade experience
  • Merge of Instrumentation and Workflow services to a single “Coordinator” service
  • Ability to abort an instruction irrespective of current state
  • Simplified mechanism for nominating certificates to verify for signed instructions
  • “Push deployment” support for Tachyon Agents (Windows only)
  • Improvements to InstructionRunnerUi (includes FQDN to filter results, create SCCM collections in folder)
  • More syntax error details added to Tachyon Instruction Management Studio
  • Support for syntax highlighting and auto-completion in Tachyon Instruction Management Studio
  • Extend Syslog Relay so that it can take configuration parameters
  • Security improvements on Tachyon RunInstruction command line consumer
  • Instruction search uses “most frequently used” style search rankings (i.e. more frequently used instructions bubble to top of search results)
  • Improved support for large text content in responses (content can be displayed in scrollable dialog/downloaded as a file through the browser)
  • Ongoing usability improvements to Instruction Set management page
  • Addition of Agent installer management page to Explorer
  • Improvements to Scheduled Instruction page
  • Support for federated authentication between Switch and Core components

Contained fixes - Tachyon Server:

  • Q13480 - Directory traversal vulnerability for Switch
  • Q13478 - SQL vulnerability with Device Online Message
  • Q13438 - Platform - Instruction Runner - Not resolving devices unless tab is selected
  • Q13325 - Platform - CM Extensions: Slow getting list of device Collection folders with network latency
  • Q13323 - Application description in CompletedDetails and PendingDetails shows as HTML Markup
  • Q13321 - Toolkit - RunInstructionUI only displays online status and sends instructions to devices in own subnet and not other domain/subnet
  • Q13305 - Tachyon Switch fails to parse HTTP content encoding header with additional whitespace
  • Q13303 - Core API does not log anything meaningful if response export fails due to the unavailability of bcp utility
  • Q13301 - Failure to delete an Instruction Definition if an associated resource does not exist in Background Channel
  • Q13299 - Product Pack upload is not failing when Instruction Definition resources update fails in Background channel
  • Q13263 - Instruction version spontaneously regresses after upload and use
  • Q13261 - History page fails to load when accessed through latest Edge version 41
  • Q13239 - Platform - Content Distribution via Nomad is not working

Contained fixes - Tachyon Agent:

  • Q13353 - Agent - Chassis type 31 (Convertable) should be reported as laptop
  • Q13215 - InstallDate fixes for Software.GetInstallations

Release To Support-3.1.0 (20-SEP-2017)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent - Tachyon Non-Windows Agent

  • New Tachyon licensing model
  • Product Pack redesign and instruction signing
  • Scheduling of Instructions
  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • Support export responses to custom format (e.g. Syslog)
  • Tachyon Server installer prerequisite checks
  • Windows Agent installer to remember existing configuration during upgrades
  • Windows Agent methods to improve integration with Nomad
  • Windows Agent support transition to/from a low power state by disconnecting from/reconnecting to the Switch (Improved timeliness of online status information for NightWatchman Integration)
  • Windows Agent support Nomad pause/resume job queue when Nomad is offline (Improved Nomad integration)
  • Windows Agent support for Quarantine methods
  • Extended support of various agent methods across platforms
  • Improvements to File System search methods
  • Add timeouts to Agent commands which invoke scripts
  • Improve Agent logging of methods and details on log rollover
  • Performance improvements in Agent's event tracing capture
  • Explorer Navigation changes
  • Explorer force Internet Explorer not to use compatibility rendering mode (IE 11 issue)
  • Explorer use updated library for JavaScript "promises" (fixed poor performance on IE 11)
  • Instructions default to visualization view when implemented
  • Product pack upgrade tool - better inference of resource type when upgrading instruction XML files to new format
  • Demo Product pack included
  • Increase maximum supported request size to 256mb for Consumer API (supports upload of instructions with large resources)
  • Support chunked encoding transfer for download of CRLs over HTTP
  • Toolkit improvements

Contained fixes - Tachyon Server:

  • Q13083 - FQDN List does not validate the input format
  • Q13081 - Tachyon Switch Rejecting connections

Contained fixes - Tachyon Agent:

  • Q13091 - Windows Update-related methods can return inconsistent results

Release To Support-3.0.100 (03-APR-2017)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent - Tachyon Non-Windows Agent

  • Multiple Consumer support
  • Tachyon Server installer support for multi-switch
  • Configuration Manager Extensions and Instruction Runner support for 2FA
  • Configuration Manager Instruction Runner support for IOC
  • Switch upgraded from OpenSSL 1.0.2h to 1.1.0e (16th Feb 2017) which resolves the CVEs described in https://www.openssl.org/news/openssl-1.1.0-notes.html
  • Agent Upgraded from OpenSSL 1.0.2h to 1.0.2k (26th Jan 2017) to address a number of CVEs described in https://www.openssl.org/news/cl102.txt
  • Tachyon Server supports Locale other than en-US and en-GB
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements across all components

Release To Support-3.0 (10-FEB-2017)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent - Tachyon Non-Windows Agent

  • Tasks and Task Groups
  • Agent historic data capture and storage
  • Standard Two-factor authentication (2FA) with mail notification
  • Mobile 2FA notification - Beta
  • Explorer device dashboard - Beta
  • Custom visualization of responses and response post-processing
  • Agent language "foreach" expression
  • Dedicated storage of aggregated responses
  • Improved Explorer navigation menu
  • Switch balancing infrastructure
  • Agent client certificate selection logic improvements
  • Agent File module extensions (GetHash, GetVersionInfo and GetDigitalSignature)
  • Agent ability to query for simple IOC definitions
  • Support for Universal and Global Active Directory groups
  • Hide instructions from other consumers in Explorer
  • Instruction workflow state machine selection
  • Additional penetration testing
  • "Requested For" property on instructions
  • "Approved By" displayed on response summary
  • Additional detail on approval requests
  • Improved Agent digital signature checking algorithm
  • Switch-to-Agent keep-alive acknowledgement
  • Improved SMTP configuration during installation
  • Admin log pagination in Explorer
  • Explorer visibility of Tachyon license expiration
  • Rendering hints for Explorer
  • .NET assembly strong-naming for Tachyon Server
  • Improved indexing capabilities for response data
  • Additional Agent installation options
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements across all components

Release To Support-2.0 (2-NOV-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent - Tachyon Non-Windows Agent

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Console integration (including integrated Instruction Runner)
  • Active Directory multi-domain support
  • Enhancements for Agent support of Linux and Mac OSX platforms
  • Agent integration with 1E Nomad to download content
  • Consumer registration, response offloading and throughput limiting
  • Improved instruction response filtering support (support "is not" operator)
  • Improve Admin Log component content
  • Agent CRL handling improvements
  • Agent reports timezone and outbound IP address/subnet
  • Automated database housekeeping
  • Enhanced security for non–windows agents to handle Application certificates with FQDN
  • Improvements to Tachyon Workflow to handle cancellation of instructions

Release To Support-1.5.1 (29-JUL-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent - Tachyon Non-Windows Agent

  • Support for Cryptographic Next Generation certificates
  • Ability to upload multiple product packs at once in Tachyon Explorer
  • Improved version and error reporting support in Consumer API
  • Agent support for querying HKEY_USER registry data
  • Agent Extensibility updates can be issued by Agent version number
  • Improved support for follow-on instructions targeting a list of device FQDNs
  • New-look email template for approval workflow

Release Candidate-1.5 (13-JUN-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent

  • Extended RBAC API extensions for other consumers
  • Consumer API versioning
  • Upgrade to latest version of OpenSSL v1.0.2h
  • Improve security to enforce client certificates
  • Extended properties for defining Scopable Tags
  • Instruction impact assessment
  • Enhanced product pack views

Release Candidate-1.4 (13-MAY-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent

  • Filtering of responses to questions from Tachyon Agent devices
  • Improvements to handling out-of-sequence instructions
  • Support for targeting FQDN lists for follow-on instructions
  • Improve handling of Agent online/offline device status
  • Tachyon Agent installer supports upgrade (from v1.3)
  • Tachyon Server installer assigns only Security Administrator role to default user

Release Candidate-1.3 (15-APR-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent

  • Monitoring events on Tachyon Agent devices
  • Support of Database upgrades from v1.3

Release Candidate-1.2 (10-MAR-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent

  • Data export to CSV
  • Support software uninstall by version
  • Explorer Security improvements

Release Candidate-1.1 (12-FEB-2016) 

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent

  • Tachyon server installer configures using alternative HTTP/HTTPS ports and single certificate
  • Enable IP security
  • Additional CRL checking by Agent
  • Explorer improvements

Release Candidate-1 (15-JAN-2016)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Windows Agent 

  • Tachyon server installer configures HTTPS using available certificates
  • Additional validation checks for services and Workflow
  • Auto refresh for pending approval page
  • Switch performance improvements Alpha Release-2 (23-DEC-2015)

Note: Please note this is an alpha release and is only recommended for lab environments.

  • Powerful Question Builder
  • Refine answers with further questions
  • Running actions
  • Extending Tachyon questions with product packs
  • Checking inventory and connectivity
  • Defining role-based access to Tachyon
  • Checking the performance of Tachyon using the dashboard Alpha Release-1 (18-DEC-2015)

Note: Please note this is an alpha release and is only recommended for lab environments.

  • Powerful Question Builder
  • Refine answers with further questions
  • Running actions
  • Extending Tachyon questions with product packs
  • Checking inventory and connectivity
  • Defining role-based access to Tachyon
  • Checking the performance of Tachyon using the dashboard